Jedi Yoda and Master Chen Squash practicing Kung Fu


Today, we've thought that a new video would be awesome to be presented ...

Therefore, here we are with " Jedi Yoda and Master Chen squash practicing Kung Fu "

The music was composed by me, Jeddak Luke :) and it's entitled "Bonsai Silence" ...

I've mentioned now the title, because we are not expecting that people would search the description section :)

Joking ...


We've experienced the stop motion video techniques and with only two characters, Jedi Yoda and Maste Chen Squash, we've @created something awesome, in our humble opinion :)

To do a stop motion movie it actually requires some time, and for just one minute of a movie, sometimes you will take more than 100 #photos


Here's our new youtube channel:

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Some videos as well, on which we've composed the music and created the stop motion videos, you can click on them here:

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