The myth of Lisan al Ghaib and Kwisatz Haderach ... Artistic introspection on movie Dune ...


While we are transcending some awesome Times, i've thought that this topic around the awesome movie, entitled Dune, would be interesting to write about ... from an artistic perspective.

By far, it's one of the most well #sci-fi movies created in the past years.

The two expressions on wich i've thought we should have a philosophical introspection, are ... "Lisan al Ghaib and Kwisatz Haderach" ...

As some of you might know, the phrase Lisan al Ghaib is one that comes from a Fremen world, but like much of the race's language from this Matrix, it derives from Arabic languages.

The word "Lisan" means "tongue" and "al gaib" means "unseen."

This phrase was given to the legendary Persian poet Hafez after he died sometime in the 14th century.

It is often also translated as "tongue of the unseen realms."

Now, if we would step further inside the sacred matrix, and, we would create some anagrams from the phrase Lisan al Ghaib , we would see that one of the major anagrams made from seven letters will be Abigails ... wich in hebrew terms, means "cause of joy" or "father's joy" ...

Maybe the movie Dune makes some reference to the Mother who will give the birth of the Messiah, Mahdi ...

Now, the next interesting phrase Kwisatz Haderach, wich comes from numerous fictional languages, such as Chakobsa, as spoken by some the Fremens and the Bene Gesserit, it literally would mean "shortening of the way."

Maybe that's why the hunt for the ability to access the so called, Y chromosome, wich is the ancestral genetic memory, is arguably what turned the Bene Gesserit into the mystic organization they are in movie Dune.

They were beginning a secret selective breeding process to try and create the sacred Kwisatz Haderach, that male with the powers of the Bene Gesserit that would allow them to access the Y chromosome genetic memory.

Interesting process, but in the same time, i think we are living those times within the Matrix, when we'll see the Lisan al Ghaib :)

Maybe it's one of us ... Maybe it's living already between us :)

Meanwhile, enjoy some of our videos from the Jedi Order and feel free to share the art we create ...

May the Force be with us.

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That is really interesting, and I actually thought Frank Herbert made it all up. It truly is amazing what we learn :-)