The Runes of The Jedi Order - The Subscribe Button


Hello hivers ...

Today, was a day for a new #video

Therefore, here we are with our new #artwork based on our #starwars #scifi story :)

Even our #lego minifigures helped us and created with us this awesome Subscribe button ...

As, some of you have noticed already ... especially through the old Runes from the Jedi Order, we've created our #lego #diorama combined with the sculpture we did in extrudiertes polystyrol ...

More like a story based on the mystical #subscribe button that we've decided to create it through the sculpting process ...

This is what it came out.


The lego minifigures that we've decided to insert in this episode, were helping us and the entire episode took a cool shape, having Jedi Yoda, The Mandalorian, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano, Tarfful, Tusken Raider around us.

Here they are, after we've created some versions that could be used not only as a #diorama but also as a background #photo for our #channel.


I know that so many of you won't even open our videos :) not even to mention, to subscribe to our channel :)

Maybe, at least you'll enjoy our playlist of videos:

Hope we won't ask too much from you.

Maybe our Runes will help you to hit our Subscribe button.

May the Force be with us.