Entry for Reflection Hunters Contest Round #80

Hello! I'm @madame-cyntaia, and this is my first time entering and posting in the community.

I've been watching posts and admiring the photography and creative visions in the #shadowhunters community. It has inspired me to view things in a different perspective, looking for details that I wouldn't notice in my normal day.

On the river, I would normally search for wildlife from the paddle boat. Last time I was out, I watched for the right light to catch the forest in the water. It was quite serendipitous that once I found the right angle for the reflection I also saw a snake swim past! So, I got to see wildlife as well as develop a new appreciation for chasing and capturing reflections.

A glorious, peaceful day on the river led to some #reflections for me!

Then, while @nomaddreamer and I were hiking this morning, we came across a puddle, which at first looked rather muddy and full of muck... then I caught the reflection.

The sort of chaotic look to it, with the green of summer reflecting among the fallen brown leaves, is a good representation of how I feel during this seasonal summer-to-fall transition. Remembering summer with nostalgic, sparkling memories while scraping mud off my boots and trying to get our youngest to do his homework... ah, for those days of green, lazy summer!

Sometimes one really can't see the forest for the trees when transitioning into another stage of life. Then it's time to step back and try to see the big picture!

Thank you for reading and for the posts in the community, I have truly been enjoying this new perspective of nature!

All #photography is by me, @madame-cyntaia, of our #aliveandthriving #ozarklife.


Lovely shot!

I'm with you on looking at things in a different light or shadow :D I just started to appreciate reflections and shadows more because of this community.

Good luck with your entry :)