This Weeks Progress In The Rising Star Game

It wont be much longer and I will be able to start building my band.

Screenshot 2021-03-31 004737.jpg

Things are progressing at a steady pace and on target for me to get to level 75 so I can start building my band. I made it to level 72 this week so I think in three weeks at the longest I will be at level 75 and then I can start doing the Band Audition missions.


Slowly but surely I am getting there, only a few more weeks to go for the next step and new adventure in playing Rising Star. I am looking forward to doing the band auditions and then being able to start on other new missions to progress in the game. It takes time and effort but its fun and the payout is worth it.

With my next goal in site soon I will be able to move forward and start crafting instruments and making music. Step by step things are happening at a nice steady pace and I will keep working hard to make sure I meet each goal in the game. Not much to talk about this week hopefully soon I will have much more to post in my updates.