What Happens When People Know, Like and Trust You?


It has always been taught to me since I have been online and learning to market that you need to get people to Know, Like and Trust you.

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If you have no idea who someone is, if you don't know if you can like them or if you have not been able to establish trust in them how much money will you spend with them? In general people spend more money with people they know, like and trust because they have more confidence that they will not be scammed like so many sites do.

Knowledgeable people marketing who don't give inflated promises and create good honest content will always do better then those who just promote all the latest and greatest offers. In this day and age people fear the scams online and shy away from spending a lot of money with just anyone promising that you will be the next millionaire by signing up to a site.

In the earlier days online you could get away with the whole "Fake it till you make it" way of thinking. Today this is something that doesn't work so well as people are more cautious in spending with anyone who comes along promoting a website. There will always be a few here and there that will fall for these types of sites but in general you will not attract a sustainable customer base unless you are honest and transparent in what you are doing online.

By creating good content, being in front of people and proving that you are honest and can help others to build their success is a key way to grow your business online. So many people look online every day in search of something better and leading them by the hand showing how to be successful will win out over spamming offers every where you can find to put a link. To me it's well worth it to put in the time and effort to help as many people as you can to learn and grow online. You will gain respect and people will get to Know, Like and Trust you.