I Open 12 Card Packs In This Weeks Rising Star Game Update.


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I had a little fun and got some nice cards today opening twelve card packs on video.


I traded 100k Starbits today for twelve card packs that you can see me open in the video. I got a bunch of common cards of coarse but I did get some really nice cards also. They all add up and I will be getting more cards from time to time as I go to build up my account.

I have been working hard on getting to level seventy five so I can start doing Band Audition missions and work on building up my band. I am level seventy three at the moment and have about a week and a half to two weeks until I reach level seventy five. Things are coming along nicely, little by little I am getting there but these things take time. I learned a little more this week about playing the game and collecting more starbits for my efforts so I will be trying to put this into practice and see how it goes. That's about it for this week, enjoy watching the card pack openings in the video and I will see you in next weeks Rising Star update.

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