How Do Shillers and Marketers Relate?

Text concerning marketers and shillers

While doing research for a post comparing the Shiba Inu token released in 2020 with Dogecoin I encountered this sentence from the "Woofpaper" for SHIB (also part of the cover image):

2. We were not founded from an existing community, let alone a preassembled team. The brilliant minds behind Shib had never collaborated before. They were a fresh team of developers, designers, moderators, marketers, and shillers....

(Emphasis added)

Normally I would post ideas and opinions on some topic or other, but this time I'm posting questions.

  • Aren't shillers also marketers?
  • Aren't marketers also shillers?
  • Assuming that differences exist-- otherwise why have different words?-- how are they different?
  • Are the terms interchangeable? Should they be interchangeable?
  • How do shillers and marketers relate?
  • Are shillers marketers who operate in a narrow lane?

Although the questions were spawned by research into Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, the questions should be just as relevant to us at Hive at both Layer 1 and Layer 2.

In everyday living, terms based on the root word "shill" tend to have a negative connotation; think the selling of used cars, insurance, or altcoins such as SafeMoon.

However, "shill" must have a specific meaning in the marketing arena. In this context, it looks to me as if it's neither bad nor good but simply a word like any other. I'm OK with this: words mean different things to outsiders and insiders.

So what is the role of a shiller?

Once the questions are answered, it becomes a matter of applying that new (for me) knowledge to Hive, its Layer 2 tokens, its dApps, the blockchain, its use cases, and even educational content.

Marketing is a valuable skill to learn and master since it can be used in virtually all aspects of life (including job hunting and dating). I'm coming to the marketing world as a novice with other kinds of knowledge, so I'm learning as I go along. This is why I come to the experts and role models in both Loving HIVE ❤ and ClickTrackProfit.

Whatever answers and knowledge you provide would be greatly appreciated.


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