Introduction to DinoSwap, the next-generation PancakeSwap


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Hello HODLers,

I'd like to share with you an introduction about one the youngest but already most trending DeFi project on Polygon. I'm talking about DinoSwap, the cross-chain infrastructure project that builds liquidity for layer-one blockchains, AMMs and partnering projects and I'm farming there since 3 days. I gotta say that I'm pretty satisfied for the moment as I earn a 3% reward for providing liquidity for DINO-USDC and DINO token is having a constant growth starting from July 18th (source:

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Yesterday the developing team had an AMA and during the event the founders claimed that they're focused on building the key infrastructure to boost $DINO utility. Here's a recap of key roadmap items from yesterday's AMA.

  • DinoSwap AMM (DEX)
  • Multi-chain Bridge
  • Non-burn $DINO pool
  • Tar Pits with enhanced returns
  • Gamification Products
  • Governance Integration

Why Polygon?

We want DinoSwap to be accessible to all cold-blooded bipeds around the world. That's why we chose Polygon, where no one is priced out from participating. Polygon has an easy cross-continental bridge, so you can bring your tokens from Ethereum or other blockchains onto Polygon.

Important Links

To explore cool Dino products, please select from the following links below:
Fossil Farms:
Extinction Pools:
Tar Pit:

To join your fellow Dinos on socials:
DinoSwap Twitter:
DinoSwap Telegram:
DinoSwap Telegram Announcements:
DinoSwap Discord:
DinoSwap Reddit:
DinoSwap Medium:
DinoSwap Github:
DinoSwap Gitbook:
$DINO Contract Address: 0xAa9654BECca45B5BDFA5ac646c939C62b527D394

Transferring Funds to Polygon:
From ETH to Polygon -> Matic Bridge
From BSC, XDAI to Polygon -> XPollinate
Direct transfers from Kucoin, Gate.Io and AscendEx

This is NOT a financial advise!

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