Introduction to WeedPay ($WPAY)



What is WEEDPAY?

Weedpay is a utility token and will be specific only to the legal cannabis sector, their goal is to become the standard payment method of the hemp supply chain. Unlike btc, dash or any other token, when you pay in WPAY in any partner shop you will be entitled to 10% cashback. In addition, the app with an adjoining marketplace is already being developed, which only stores and partner companies will be able to access and sell ... in practice they want to become the amazon of legal cannabis.

• Support the legalization of cannabis globally.
• Support the CBD proprierties for medical and healthy purposes.
• Helping people in supporting and financing CBD therapies.
• Change the view of the media and governments regarding the use of cannabis.
• Support and financing of agricultural projects on hemp.
• Incoming partnership with CAD INTERNATIONAL an international humanitarian organization based in Italy.

WEEDPAY ($WPAY) Community Contacts:
📲 Telegram:
📲 Telegram ita:
💻 Website:
Contract: 0xffc4c75c3f648d7c6b43228118e535179319ca0f

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