Cryptocurrency Solved The Flaws Of Global Transactions - This is the most underrated solution.


Cryptocurrency Solved The Flaws Of Global Transactions - This is the most underrated solution.


There are a lot of benefits to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and yet no-coiners tend to call it out to have no "intrinsic value"

I personally think that is bullshit.

Cryptocurrencies solve a lot of things and has particularly solved all the flaws of fiat currencies which spawns from their centralized nature leading to market manipulations, an unpopular opinion about cryptocurrencies is that the volatility of these assets is only a result of fear and greed that occupies the markets.

People fear the government cracking down on it, something practically impossible, and others are typically targeting attacks to extract money from the industry. These factors make it difficult for these assets to grow or depreciate in value based on what is being developed or how nothing is being in the works, forcing the asset values to be a free fall.

Businesses Will Love Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

As a business owner, you most certainly don't want customers that would love to use your services or buy your products to be restricted by the economic system of their nations, but currently, most countries cannot easily make cross-border payments.

This is caused either by the centralized nature of the system, restricting citizens' access to global transactions or it is due to unavailable services to aid it.

With cryptocurrency and blockchain, you can easily get your customers to access your products and services with transaction weights lifted.

The inability to perform global transactions may not seem entirely bad until you find out that major locations are having credit card issues.

Currently, in Nigeria, your bank card is close to useless as foreign transactions cannot be easily processed with it. I can no longer pay for Canva nor buy domains on GoDaddy or literally buy whatever online services. I'm still pretty much surprised Netflix can still charge my card when other services are unable to, I suppose the company has an account within the country as they've really become close to their users from Nigeria lately, must be one of their biggest consumer base, perhaps.

Cryptocurrency Solves all these bullshits!

So what if there was a medium to build and grow your finances and spend likewise through the same medium? Well, cryptocurrencies are here and they offer just that. My website "icoverage" hosting was paid in cryptocurrency, without the fact that Namecheap accepted cryptocurrency I would probably not have it running right now.

The fun part is how flexible it was to pay for my hosting. All I did was fund the wallet with ether and connect to bitpay via Namecheap to fund my Namecheap account. Typically when your account has been funded, it no longer remains a volatile cryptocurrency in your wallet, but a stable asset.

I paid for my hosting in ETH within minutes and I still had funds in there to keep it running.

The easing of global transacting channels is just the most underrated solution cryptocurrency offers. Every other thing is second to it because, without a system to flexibly move value, every other thing built on the platform is valueless as there's no unit of account to assign a spending value to the products and services built.

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