DeFi, making real-world impact with Sandclock.


DeFi, making real-world impact with Sandclock.

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Since we've been about getting the undergods with a reflection of actual value both on-chain and the real world, not just attention chasing of what's trading, we made a coverage of a great DeFi protocol.

Sandclock - redefining DeFi, reimagine Giving, and get rewarded for it!

Check it out, it's not but good content!


Sometimes we look at things way too narrowly ourselves that we miss out on the biggest opportunities in space or totally skip ideas that may be life-changing, cryptocurrencies with Defi, NFTs, and the Metaverse(someday) will make a great impact in the world, restructuring not only the financial sector but every piece of the nation-state operations, taking developments from the ground up and boosting the world's economy, that's the bigger picture.

It's Not a Question of When but How!

I think it's entirely flawed to pin dates or times on the maturity of the cryptocurrency space, if we've learned anything being involved with it, should be the fact that it doesn't always follow a pattern of prediction or speculations, some things just happen and that's the beauty of the space, provided we're building, developing and growing, our reach should take care of itself!

Let's take a step back and look at "airdrops", giving anyway free money has always been a thing, but look how the space moved crazy when Uniswap dropped the bomb, did anyone predict that?

Ok, how about the success and sad story of Luna? Algorithm Stablecoins made a name because of it, nobody pinned a date to that adoption.

Sandclock - showing the potential of NFTs!

I wrote a post about how most NFTs are just Jpegs, that was an honest truth, and did you see the coverage on cointelegraph? It came as a sucker that somebody thought so too.

Most of what we call NFTs aren't worth the name, just as not all coins or tokens in the market deserve to be acknowledged as cryptocurrencies. But here's an NFT that actually has an intrinsic real-world value!

Introducing ProjectZircon - Tax receipt NFTs.

Almost sounds like @azircon, right? Pardon the tag :)

How did we move from Defi to NFTs?, that's because for this post, there's a connection and we really want to be looking at NFTs.

See the full coverage of how Sandclock works via this link.

PS: not financial advice!

So what is ProjectZircon? It's basically a strategy that rewards donors with NFTs that gets them a tax reduction off-chain, sweet right?

You haven't heard the best part yet.

I thought of @Leofinance and the collateralized lending that will be integrated with polycub, the idea of self-paying loans is one killer strike that will actually change how we see Defi, and yes, leofinance will benefit from this.

This is a similar concept applied to Sandclock donation, specifically to get the market of those who can't donate a principal. So how does it work?

I'm glad you asked!

Typically, you can donate all your funds to Sandclock protocol for whatever charity foundation you choose and you get an NFT at the maturity date of your deposit.

This NFT is unique in the sense that it's not just a picture animal, it has real-world value. Typically, each NFT can be burned to redeem a tax receipt that gives you a reduction of tax amounts!

Super? The fun part is you really do not have to donate your capital, Sandclock is a yield aggregator so you can pretty much just deposit funds and allocate a portion of your yields to charity.

This automatically puts you on the list to receive "tax receipt NFTs"

And you wanna know what? That's not all, Sandclock introduces a new model of gaining governance influence without having to buy their token - Quartz, but you're gonna have to find that one out on your own, ha.

What's the best place to look? - our introductory and comprehensive coverage has it all!

Bows, thank you for reading, let's connect via comments.

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