Dogecoin Transitioning To Proof-of-Stake? - On a Roadmap to even more centralization.


Dogecoin Transitioning To Proof-of-Stake? - On a Roadmap to even more centralization.

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It appears to me that many of the so-called industry players would soon careless about "decentralization". I mean, ever seen CZ talk about it? There's always the attempt to not make any promises of being a part of a movement for true decentralization.

Whatever these people do, it's all business and I could go all day talking about it because each time I see a notification pop up on my phone and it's binance I'm like "there they go again tryna sound like they be distributing any wealth of some kind"

The cryptocurrency economy in the face of these entities is literally fucked - job-wise and actual empowerment wise, there's nothing happening to foot that.

Wasn't this post about Dogecoin? Oh yeah…

Ethereum made a major upgrade which saw the blockchain trasition from being reliant on hardwares to attain network consensus and security to not requiring any of that at all.

Sounds great yeah? Well, it would be if it didn't also expose the chain to the force of centralization.

Now, Dogecoin will transition? Classic, wouldn't say that's surprising at all, it takes one slut celebrity to wear a stupid outfit for the rest of the world's supposed mother of generations to copy, so yeah, let's copy Ethereum, revise our beliefs and raise centralized structures, right?

Has someone stopped to think about how centralized the Dogecoin supply is? And to think this wouldn't end up a mess with an inevitable 51% attack.

Someone help me tell Elon Musk I said Hi and bye to his hopes for Dogecoin.

What about Zcash Dawg?

I know I didn't mention that but homies all have this in talks. Ethereum's daddy( as I can't find the time to learn how to spell nor pronounce his fuckin name, so let's call him that) spoke on Messari mainnet bla bla bla and made this suggestions.

And as you may guess, it's happening at an 89% chance.

The Governments - A Way In.

If you've studied Ethereum then you'd know how heavy centralized it can be, not to talk of how sadly all applications built on it are reliant on the consensus of mainnet validators to pull through a major upgrade or development.

So how do we see Ethereum going forward?

The very first question you want to ask is - why is the Bitcoin network secure?

There are many layers to it which primarily circles back to the "consensus mechanism" "proof-of-work".

The government can easily buy into proof-of-stake coins and will in enough power to centralize the chain but it is not economical when it comes to Bitcoin.

Chances are, applications built on Ethereum submit to its evolution or they find a new chain because things ain't looking so healthy.

However, there's also a high chance it becomes a powerful blockchain even more than it is due to the in-flow of cash, tempted to call it "dirty money" but all money is dirty by origin.

In which case, decentralization is a failure at the end of the day and crypto becomes a new government tool?

Hard to think that would be the reality of things given the genuine ecosystems trying to actually build out sustainable, stable, flexible, scalable, fast, cheap and decentralized applications.

Go Doge, as a pet, you were never met to be free, lol, must be owned and controlled afterall.

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An ideal decentralized system is a myth; practically it is not possible for the domains a system needs to be fully decentralized. But a healthy decentralized system is possibly good in order to achieve a collective effort.
I had no idea about the consensus mechanism that can play a vital role in blockchain validation and can make a healthy ambience for the crypto erna.
Dogecoin's next attempt of going towards adopting Proof-of-stale! is it good or not: I not know.
However, I totally agree with you; Doge was never the pet who is free; at the end of the day owners are owners.
All money is dirty money. I say, All money is money! Peoples core interest on potential quick gain is not always true to be good. If the government can use crypto like the other economic factors then it’s really concerning I think.
People like me who are enthusiasts about crypto may agree on the fact that we should maintain and care for the notion of collective focuses simultaneously with the individual one.

Best wishes for you.