In fact, I am proud to be alone in the world…


The value of a woman is marriage; They decide a lot by not having it
Unmarried virgins are often considered ridiculous.
It's like being a virgin because there is no one to take you. For some reason, only virgins seem to be too busy. They tend to be contemptuous.
In fact, it is a source of pride to be able to stand alone in the world.
And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.
It is worse for a family to be left with no sons and only daughters.
I have to take care of the environment and teach my daughters a lot.
Divorced women are the most affected by the environment.
The men in the neighborhood despise them, and the women want to hurt each other.
Even honestly talking to a man is often accused of conspiracy.
See also ancient proverbs. There are ten trains without flags, but it is not appropriate without a husband.
What is going on in a widow's house?
Getting a man is not a difficult task.
If you really want to get married, you can only get a man of the same status as you in a short period of time.
I did not take it because I did not want to. In fact, only women who are able to fulfill their responsibilities as parents, children, and children alone without being married are more courageous than women who are building a life with a man.
We urge you to value and respect good women who can stand alone in life.


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