Feelings from the first day of my acquaintance with steemit "


All praise is due to that great God
I am Md. Mamun I am an expatriate ,,,
Today I am going to share with you some of my views on this platform. I don't know who will like my story, but of course it is very important to me and I like it very much


In fact, I can share with you the words of those old days, the feelings of my old days with you. Please everyone read the post and hope you like it.

The first day of introduction at Steemit ...

I came to know about this online platform in a very funny environment. I never thought I would be connected to a platform that would change my life completely.

The day was January 4, 2018. I will never forget that time because many people know that I am an expatriate and I am currently in Malaysia and I go to the Malaysian Immigration Office to get legal in Malaysia. From there I actually know about my online platform estimate.

Very early in the morning we leave to go to the immigration office and by seven we arrive at the office and sit like this for a long time on the porch of the office I was following a man

The man I see is very busy on his mobile as if he is talking to someone and writing again. I looked at him a little surprised and thought that I would talk to him. He was a Bengali. Someone came to the immigration office for his passport.

1 hour 2 hours passed like this long six hours yet I saw he was very busy mobile finally i dared to go towards him and went and gave him a salutation after salutation i asked him brother i can ask you one thing he said of course Why don't you ask me

I said I've been watching you since that morning. You're very busy. Do you work online on your mobile? He said yes. I work on a site. Then I asked him. Well, brother, can I work on your website?

And one more thing I told him first that I am not very educated but still I can work on that site. He replied that of course why not. Almost everyone can work on this site and it is possible to earn some income from here.

I told him then will you teach me how to work on this site he hurriedly told me ok you take out your mobile and I took out my mobile I asked for my number I gave my number standing there I submitted an application to open a new account.

It didn't take long. Steam Team Best verified my account within an hour and opened an account for me. The name of the account was @mamun1 and he shared some ideas on how to do it. He said you go home and contact me and I will tell you more.

The first person to give me an idea about this estimate platform was his account name.


He has stopped working for now, so I have learned a lot from him. If he had not helped me, I might not have been able to get down and know about the platform one day.

Anyway then I go home and contact him and he gives me some idea about posting and also some idea about what can't be done and he tells me that if you watch youtube video you will get a lot of ideas. My journey on this platform started in January 2018.

But unfortunately after two to three days I lost my ID I did not save his password for which I lost my account after logging out then I automatically watch the YouTube video and ask him to open another account The account I am currently using is the name of the account

I give my name but I use a few numbers in the back. Many of my friends have made fun of me for using numbers. I could have given the rest of the numbers, but I didn't understand or had any idea for which I really wanted to. This is how I got to know about this site and my entry on this site.

My first post on Steam Platform ,,,,

I didn't really understand that well then. I had no idea what to write about, so I usually copy a news story from another site because I couldn't figure out where the police are.

If we number two, we will be caught in this handcuffs. In fact, everyone makes a mistake in the first place without realizing it. I also make the same mistake. I write a post and copy a few from it. It was my first post from another site. I didn't understand.
So maybe I made a mistake and shared my first post and after sharing the first post, I realized that there are things that can be done and things that can't be done on this platform. Since then, I have been getting ideas about it.

The feeling of sharing the first post ,,,

When doing any new work, a feeling arises in my mind that whether I can do it or not, Nizami can't do it, in fact, the same thing happened in my new condition

When I first shared this post, I was thinking to myself, can I do this, what is possible by me, but still hardened my mind, I shared my first post, of course, if no one can, why can't I, if everyone can, I can think I share my first post this online primary.

I don't get any response even after sharing because the time we spent in the new state joining this platform was actually very strict. I used to comment more than fifty posts per day and I used to post one post but after 50 comments I didn't get any response.

Then if one person is more towards us than another, that I am one, I am one, I don't have that status now. Even in the new situation, people get some beautiful amount, but in our time, we don't get that much.

So in general I felt very good that I am working on an online platform to be able to tell people that I work online first.

The first time I get first support, withdraw money or some moment of my power up.

What do you mean by support? Now the way people get support even if they are a new user, we don't get that much support in our time in the post. We had to work hard in the lower position. In the public eye

In fact, even after making such a big post, I didn't get much support from people. With the exception of a handful of people, after working like this for nine long months, my wallet has an era. In 9 months, I can go to extremes in one place

So in fact it was that after my first power in 2019 I am now connected to RD Tube and after being connected to this site my power system is turned on more and more so it was actually that the moment of my sin and The moment I ask, since 2019, I have been getting a little more then

In this way, I have got good support to come to this day. I stopped working for a while, so with the cooperation of all of you, I have come to the platform again to work anew.

So friends, this was my first feeling of estimation, how I joined the platform, how I said this online platform, I have shared some details with you, I don't know who liked it, but I hope it will be good, and of course thank you so much for all my hard work. To read the post.

  • At the same time, I would like to thank my #steemit or #hive giving a better life for me

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I am Md. Mamun, Bangladeshi. However, due to work, I am currently living in Malaysia as an expatriate. I express my feelings through writing and share my experiences through video. But I love to sing, so I sing in my spare time. Love to make friends. Love and try to enjoy life.

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