I also protect myself great battle on fire splinter vs death splinter

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Hello my splinter lovers

Welcome to my little Batter video you must know that I share new Battle videos with you every day. This afternoon was a lot of fun because you can see the video and you will understand that I did not expect to win this battle because my opposition player uses very good wood. In the last moment the game turned around a bit for which I won.

However, there was a good collision with the card of the opposition player and he also damaged me a lot.

Mybattling ....
Battlefire splinter vs death splinter
Mana cap20

My card selection

  • Fast position I am using my low mana melee attacking card-antold platoon

  • Second position I am using my sneak ability card - tenil sticker

  • 3rd position I am using my spy ability card - serpentine spy

  • And last or final card using on ranged ability card - scavo firebolt

Eventually, in a very nice way, I lost my opponent and took over the battle.

I hope friends will watch the video and will definitely like it. If you like it, you will definitely like the video. Thank you all

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