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Hello my splinter family

How are you all, of course, everyone is very well and healthy. I came to you with a new gaming video and a new battle video and you know I share my daily updates with you every day. I have completed the challenge and I am sharing with you a small part of completing it


I am presenting to you a very beautiful battle where I have fought two battles through this video and two battles one battle I have won and another battle I have lost but still the battles were very beautiful you must be happy to see

The players who were reading my opposition were also bringing a lot of nice cards and some of them had a lot of them which is why they were doing the card selection so well that I was going to be a little gorgeous to win the battle.

  • The first battle made a very nice attack on my card. I used six cards. The first one was Mail Attacking, then the Magic, then the snipe card, and the other, the Snake Ability card, where I showed a great talent and smashed the opposition card

I shared a short video with you, I hope you like it and if you like the battle video, you must like the video, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, thank you.

I shared with you some information about my card selection, how I arranged my cards, first battle and second battle.

My battling......

  • Mana cup- 13

  • Combat rules - standard

  • Battle - Death Splinter vs Earth splinter

  • Total card use - 6


My card selection...

Basically we also know that fast position we always try to select our heard and attacking card, so same thing I'm doing...

I'm using my first position card on melee attacking card- CURSED WINDEKU

  • Health- 9

  • Mana -6

  • Attacking- 2

  • Speed-3

Second position I'm using on snipe ability card or magic- MAGI NECROSI

  • Health- 4

  • Mana -6

  • Attacking-2

  • Speed-4

3rd position using another magic attacking card-# LIFE SAPPER

  • Health- 2

  • Mana- 3

  • Attacking-1

  • Speed- 2

4rth position I'm using another snipe ability magic attacking card who help and who attacked opposition Connor card...- Death Elemental

  • Health- 2

  • Mana- 3

  • Attacking-1

  • Speed-3

5th addition using my best and my lovely make ability card- SILENT SHA-VI this is my favourite snack ability card who helping more than time win any battle

  • Health- 5

  • Mana- 5

  • Attacking- 2

  • Speed-3


And last and final god I'm judging just on mana on card who protect my ability card that's eat and that's the my card selection.

Friends I hope you are also enjoying my little battle video and if you enjoy please like this video so have a nice day bye bye....

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