Very bad luck opening my last Session rewards 12 loot chest ...

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Hello my splinter family

If there is nothing in your fortune, you will not get anything even if you try a hundred times. It is as real as it is today. Don't believe me if you tell me today. I played up to twelve loot boxes to get a good reward.

But I didn't get anything when I opened twelve loot boxes I thought maybe I would get something good but I got very bad not getting anything.

There's nothing I can do about it. It's good. I got four cards, of course, but all the cards are already in my account. Common cards.

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I am Mamun, Bangladeshi. However, due to work, I am currently living in Malaysia as an expatriate. I express my feelings through writing and share my experiences through videos. But I love to sing, so I sing in my spare time. Love to be friends Love and try to enjoy life.

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