Hello my splinter family

How are you all? I hope you are all well and healthy. I am going to share a very nice video for you today. The video is very small. I have only played one battle. It is to play my battle using #splinterlands weekly challenge disintegrator. I need to tell you some details.


  • First of all thank you for having such a wonderful challenge. We who are gamers on this platform who play the game of our choice every day do not always have such an interesting challenge. You can get it by opening the legion pack*

Accordingly I have opened a lot of pads which is why I got a lot of #disintegrator cards at around 7 o'clock. The card can usually be used using the #melee attacking card, but it is not possible to win your battle.

Then at different times when I get a lot of money I use this card which plays a very important role in buying it because it is much more than the current for exercise.

I did really like my card for that. Now I'm going to tell the whole battle how I arranged the cards.

My card position setup ..

  • Fast position I am using my best melee attacking card- #CURSED WINDEKU

  • Second position I am using my favorite another melee attacking card- #disintegrator

  • 3rd position using on snipe magic attack card- #MAGI NECROSI

  • 4th position using my sneak ability card- #SILENT SHA-VI

  • And last and final card using on random melee card

By arranging the cards in this way, I can finally become a battle winner. I tried to show you a little bit, I don't know if it was good, but I tried and if you watch the video, and if you like it, you must like the video.