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"If you had plans to fail and you eventually succeed have you actually failed or succeeded in your plan?"

When we talk about the word success, it sure has various definitions depending on the person involved and the person's mentality to what success is and what success looks like, when we were in secondary school, we sure had people who after getting their results are always crying and when you ask about their position they tell you they got the 2nd Position instead of 1st position that they have failed, but there are some.

Students who are in the range of 4th to 10th that are very happy and are still jubilating about their position, here we see that success varies depending on individual some people's mentality of success is that they have passed the average mark been mediocre while some people case is that they must be at the excellent position.

Another scenario that I can relate with is when I was in the higher institution, the day our results were released and we were to view the result on the notice board, alot of people would call and ask me to check their results, the only thing they were concerned about was that i should check if there is any F in their result if no they have succeeded then whereas I was more concerned about my G.P rather than the F, here is another instance that success varies depending on individual.

So now to the definition of success, SUCCESS can be seen as a gradual development not something that happens in a day, a journey but never a destination and a project which will never end but it's a simple accomplishment. In other words success is simply the setting of a goal and accomplishing it per time which is why I said it's a journey.

Depending on personality success varies to a Doctor success is saving lives and healing people perfectly, to a pastor success is praying and seeing results, to a teacher success is motivating students, teaching them to understand and see them excel in academics and so on.

Specifically, to me success is more of taking charge of failure, which means having Dominion over failure at all times without struggle, it is the journey of making others successful through you and putting a smile on people's face.

Now that we have an idea of what success really is and what it entails, we will look at the principle to success and how one can attain success depending on what perspective we are looking at success from. There are general principles attached to success but I'd be giving us something quite different.


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Do you know "15% of people thinks they are successful whereas they aren't, 80% wish they are successful but just about 5% practices the principle of success".


The principle to success is given by the letters in the word SUCCESS itself let us do a breakdown of what the principle is all about using each letters to explain.

  1. S - The first principle of success is known as SENSE OF DIRECTION, for anyone in life to become successful one must have a goal and know where he or she is headed to, there must be a direction and not just magnitude, you must be ready to be a vector.

A person with no sense of direction might eventually stumble upon success but it will take a longer time and most times such Person don't end up succeeding or the success doesn't last.

The person just keeps moving around in circles


now when we talk about dream it's not about the event we see while sleeping it's is more of painting a picture of how an individual what's the future to be with ones imaginations. Dream is setting goal for oneself and visualization ( imagining) makes the dream have more result.

The fact that alot of people don't actually know their purpose in life has hindered them from having any dream in life, all they know is they want to have money and without fulfilling purpose in life we haven't succeeded at all. Until purpose and dream is understood success might not be possible."Visualize to Realize"


Competence is the ability to do something effectively, after realizing what your purpose is and visualizing your dream then you ask yourself are you competent enough to fulfill purpose, if not are you ready to take responsibility and chase that dream.

We also have to ignore pessimist and our fear but in all we do we should remain optimistic. We should never be optimistically pessimistic or pessimistically optimistic but always remain optimistic, this helps us to actualize our dream and increase our confidence.

4. C- This stands for COMPETE COURAGEOUSLY,

In the human race we have come to realize that competition is part of the characteristics of any living organism on Earth, it is essential we compete and for one to be successful one must be ready to compete with all their might, compete against failure, compete against other peopleas you aren't the only one embarking on the journey of success millions of people are also on the journey with you.

5. E - it stands for EXCUSES ARE NOT ALLOWED

90% of people who fail are know to always make excuse for their failure, if one is to succeed then such person should be ready to do away with excuses. Always accept responsibility for your failure and stop blaming people for your failure but take the blame, rise again and do things differently.

Excuses are known to be made by weaklings, if one accept or take responsibility for failure doesn't mean one is a failure it just make you more experienced and better."THE MORE WE GIVE EXCUSE THE MORE TIME WE WASTE"

  1. S - This stands for Sowing of seed, this is one principle I have found very important in life, a giver is said to never lack and as well a giver is said to never fail but always succeed. This principle is one of the best principle and it might look like a cliche but it's not.

When I was in school some coursemate always come to me to explain somethings they don't understand, due to this I always read more and make research so as to be able to give to them the knowledge I have, in the long run I realized this has also helped me greatly as I also receive more knowledge.

  1. S- The last point which I also see as important is Salvation. The salvation of a man automatically brings success. Accepting God as the overall and submitting to him has shown that man has a greater chance of succeeding as God himself is SUCCESS and he is the only one who can give it since that's his name...unless he ordains for a man to be successful no mater what the man tries he can never become successful. This is why the acceptance of God in ones lives is very important as well


In Conclusion, this principles are my own developed principle which you might not agree with totally but I trust you will agree with 80% of what has been stated above. Abide by these principles and you will see a man that always SUCCEED.

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