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The brain capacity as studies has shown, can retain a trillion bytes of information hence, every human should be able to attain a reasonable level of intelligence however, records indicates or perhaps, we even have come across people whom we regard as having low intelligence in spite of their level of capacity of their brain.

These people in layman language are often regarded as 'dullards'.. they are said to be dull because of their inability to be able to retain quite a handful of important and useful information.

Intelligence, as defined by Merriam Webstar dictionary, is the ability to learn and understand or to deal with new or difficult situations. However, society has included ability to solve problems, thinking abstractly and also critical thinking, ability to reason and also the ability of understanding complex ideas.

These opinions varies as different people in the society gives their definition in regards their different be fields. Regardless of how the definitions be put, it is evident that intelligence has to do with both the cognitive and mental processes drawing together of many abilities that is, memory, reasoning, learning, perception and problem solving.

As earlier stated that despite the large capacity of our brain which is equivalent of 2.5 petabytes memory capacity (petabytes equals 1024 terabytes or a million gigabytes), we still have people in the society who have been unable to utilize their brain power to the fullest still and mostly regarded to as been dull by the society.

It is therefore important to point out that are factors then influencing the human intelligence and these factors cannot be neither undermine not sidelined, they cannot just be ignored.

The human intelligence are mainly influenced by genetic factor and environmental factor. These two main factors works hand in hand though.. genetics and the environment interact to determine exactly how inherited genes are expressed.

As pointed out by a Kendra Cherry, a psychology expert, she said and in quote "A child may be born with genes for brightness, but if that child grows up in an environment where he is not properly fed and lacks access to good education or atleast fair educational opportunities, he might not have a pleasant score when ask to pass through an IQ test." She further stated,

"Apart from inherited characteristics, there are other biological factors that can influence the intelligence of a child and this factors ranges from prenatal issues such as exposure to harmful substance at a tender age and also poor feeding at prenatal stage with the age of the mother as well.

On the other hand, the environmental factor includes parenting. According to a new study published in 'Development and psychology' in the University of Contreal.. the study conducted by Sabrina, it shows that harsh parenting practices in childhood have long-term repercussions for children's brain development.

If children keeps getting angry confrontations from parents and gets been hit, shaked or yelled at constantly this is linked with reduced brain structures in children. In essence, this study shows the need for a good parenting has it plays a key role on the intelligence of their children.


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It also further shows that the earlier parents tends to their children well, the better.Some research shows parents who socialize their children in accordance with certain principles like reading with them often or having nightly family dinners, have children who are smarter.

This research was conducted in Florida state University by a criminology professor by name Kevin Beaver. Further studies shows that parent's belief about and their attitude towards failure has its way if influencing the intelligence of their children.

As it stands, parents should not see failure as something that should be avoided, failure should not be regarded as debilitating because children tend to internalize their parents’ mindset to failure thus they base this to their own mindset about what intelligence is.

Thus, it is noteworthy that children’s beliefs about intelligence are shaped even before they start learning about it in their various schools explicitly.

In addition to the environmental factor, there we also have the issue of availability of resources and nutrition among others. Some schools are not just well equipped enough or probably do not have a standard laboratories and other equipment needed for learning and this may slow down learning and assimilation process in some students.

While some students grasps information fast regardless of what process it's taking, some others needs more of practicals to grasps information fast. All fingers are not in any way equal, so does it apply to learning process in students.

In other words, academic ability differs in students. Some students naturally have high intelligent quotient probably due to genetics and a good environmental factor while some others are just slow in learning hence, their skill needs to be enhanced with practicals and for kids, through television or anything audio-visual and even educational video games.

Moreso, good nutrition as stated above plays a role on the human intelligence. Studies have proved that children who breastfed for 12 months or longer had a higher IQ (about 3.7 points).Dr Sophie von Stumm, from Goldsmith’s department of psychology, concluded that childhood nutrition has longstanding effects on IQ, even after the child's original intelligence and socio-economic status were taken into account.

Further studies has also shown that the type of food we eat affects the brain development. “This simply implies that the quality and freshness of food is quite important more than how large the quantity is when it has to do with young children and developing children

Though, it might seem impossible to work on genetic factors however, we have the capacity to control the environmental factor having identified and discussed the factors influencing the humam intelligence.

Some other things to do to improve the intelligence of a dull student should however start from good parenting and eating good diet which would include fruits, fish and vegetables and reducing sugar intake.Getting enough sleep and exercising also help relax and put the brain to work more effectively.

Believe in oneself and good social connection would help greatly.. following people of great minds. And of course, the God factor cannot however be sidelined, He alone is the giver of wisdom therefore, it is important we seek His face in prayer.

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