The assumption of whether God exists or not due to the suffering man goes through in life or the evil in the world is quite absurd. The fact that we cry once in a while doesn't mean there is no moment of happiness, the fact that we are hungry today doesn't mean there weren't times when we are to our fill.

This assumption is quite absurd but I will be explaining some things to us on why there is suffering on Earth even when God exist and why he allows for it.

First and foremost I want us to note that every suffering on Earth is based on human being themselves as they are the cause of suffering on themselves let us take a few points below.

1. Abuse of freedom

The freedome which God himself gave to us is what makes it seem like the world is full of suffering as humans just find every possible means to make themselves suffer in every way they can.

The fact that God gave us freedom has made some people feel it's fine to hurt someone's feeling, to steal from people, to kill them, tell lies to them and go about gossiping about other, lieing against them, threaten them and scare them, torture people mentally, physically and so on, we can see that the freedom God gave only made humans feel it's normal to do this evil and then they still believe it's because God doesn't exist that's why all this happens.

If God has made it a rule that anyone that does any evil dies immediately, I am sure nobody will remain on the planet Earth today and he doesn't want that for us that's why he gave us freedom to do as we will and the opportunity to turn back to him when we realize our mistakes.

The thing is God allows us to do as we will but eventually he makes us pay for what we have done and this is what people refer to as KARMA.

The consequences of our past actions, such Person might not face the consequences immediately but will surely do and this is both for good deeds and bad deeds, the ones that did eveil will face a bad consequence and the one who did good will get good rewards.

Let's take some top people who have lived their life to make people suffer unnecessarily some like Stalin who was known to kill people whenever he wills at the end we saw what happened to them.

The freedom which we have then gotten is what causes much more suffering in the world than we can imagine because of God's patience towards us and allowance to do what we want. He doesn't want to choke us with too much don't as it's not father like since he is our father so we have the freedom that we deserve but humans has turned it to be hard on one another.


The world is void of true love at the moment as everyone has more of self love and self centredness, if there was to be enough love in the world and we care about everyone as we ought to the suffering on Earth won't be so much as it is now, but just a little reprimanding from God whenever we go astray.


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No wonder the Bible said that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves as it can be found in Matthew 22 vs 37 - 40 "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets"

Jesus stated that the greatest commandment is love which we aren't following duly, if we do no one will kill his or her fellow human, nobody will sleep with his friends wife, no one will kidnap children for ransom and lot of atrocities that are happening won't be happening if only we can love one another better.


Another reason why there is alot of suffering on Earth is due to the fact that apart from the one that men inflicts on themselves, God also punish those who have done evil in his sight and thus making the suffering much on Earth.

We can see countless of times in the Bible where God punish his beloved country Israel countless of times whenever they offend him, true he created us and loves us but he punishes us as well when we do evil in his sight. He punishes individuals and nation at large depending on how much the atrocities committed his.

The COVID - 19 case was said to be part of God's punishment on Earth as we don't acknowledge him well enough and he served us what we deserve to.make people know his importance and turn to him.

God sometimes punishes us so we can turn to him and acknowledge his presence and he also punishes us so we can correct our ways whenever we are going astray as his beloved.

A typical example from the Bible is how he punished the Israelites for the sin they committed where a journey of 40 days took them 40 years so that the generations which sinned against him were all dead before he them forgave the Israelites.

In conclusion, God exists doesn't mean there won't be sufferness, sometimes it is to Glorify himself and make people turn to him and also human needs to change their ways and exhibit more love to one another.

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