A teacher is someone who impacts you students. A teacher also called a tutor or schoolteacher or educator is a person that helps the students to acquire necessary knowledge.

A teaching job is a professional job, to acquire the profession and gain more knowledge about the profession individual study it in the university, college of education known as tertiary institution; here they are taught everything that relates to classroom management and all knowledge they need to make their profession effective enough.

Who is a student?

A student in a simple term is a person admitted in a school or any educational institution and the who the individual is under learning with the aim of acquiring necessary knowledge.

A student is also a learner or a person who is learning or studying in a school, university or college. The main role of a student is to go to school mainly for the purpose of gaining more knowledge. In the case study of a tertiary institution you can have a part-time or full-time student.

For student to succeed there must be cordial teacher to student relationship. Teachers provides certain or positive relationship with students or pupils by creating a conducive or constructive classroom, having expectations for each and every student, treating the students with dignity, and to make judicious use of each student’s success.

The positive relationship between a student and teacher makes the student ready to obey instruction.

To improve a student’s relationship with teachers is very vital. It draws the students to the process of learning and enhancing their desire to acquire or learn.

Benefits of student to teacher relationship.

A healthy and positive relationship between a teacher and his or her student is very important at all aspects of educational establishment, it either within the classroom and the school environment as the case may be.


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The following are benefits of the cordial relationship;

It creates a flourishing or thriving classroom environment.

It helps the teacher or tutor with professional growth.

It develops self-value and better student or pupil mental health.

Shun behavioral problems by having a healthy teacher to student relationship.

Encourage academic success with sure or positive teacher to student relationship.

Element of teacher to student relationship.

Every student has a teacher he or she likes best and does who the like less.

The following are four [4] elements for strong relationship between student and teacher;

True equity or fairness:

Inequality or difference is a stumbling block to academic performance. When the person leading a learning environment i.e. a teacher creates favorites or focusing on particular student it begins to create resentment. A teacher or tutor should learn to focus on all students in a class environment will lead to a strong relationship between both parties.

Reciprocal trust, respect and feedback: this is a fundamental of a lasting relationship. The teacher builds the relationship to help improve the student not only academically but in all wise then the teacher also shows respect towards the student and also help them out through difficult times
Creating an emotionally safe learning place:

where every opinion or suggestion are respected and where the students have no fear of out laugh from peers or the teachers themselves. The students’ needs to feel safe in learning environment.

Continuous communication:

It is very important element of building strong relationship and it creates connection between both parties. The more consistent a tutor communicates, the higher the chances of effective and fast learning at the end of the students’.


Teacher to student relationship is seen as a vital factor that enhances academic and learning result. The positive relationship between these two parties helps the student outstanding in academics. When there is a negative relationship then it enhances problems that can or will affect the pupil or student to the apex level.

This article provides evidence that building strong relationship is essential for tutors with the challenged student in the class. Research has proven the importance of student to teacher relationship [ vice versa] for developing social, cognitive and psychological development.

The relationship developed by the teacher with the student has a very vital role to play in a student’s academic development or growth.

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