Scientific discovering of Robots


The first time which a mechanical device was built to carry out a physical task was back in 3000 B.C, when the Egyptians designed a water clock which uses a human figurines to strike the hour bells.

Also, in The year 400 B.C, Archytus who was known for the invention of the pulley and screw invented a wooden pigeon which was able to fly, Hydraulic operated statues that could gesture, speak and prophecy was also constructed in the second century B.C.

Other invention also came arlundike the doll made by Petroniis Arbiter which could move like a human being, a wooden robot was created by Giovanni Torriani that was useful in bringing bread to the Emperor daily from the store in 1557. There has been a lot of invented robots even before the 20th century.

Starting from 1700s there were alot of robot inventions till the 19th century where there was a steam powered robot created by the Canadians. These inventions were what brought about the inspiration of modern robots created from the 20th century till the 21st century as we know now.

The first modern robots created was created by George Devol in 1950 is am inventor from Louisville in Kentucky. He created a what is called a UNIMATE which is a reprogrammable manipulator.

After invention he decided to sell this product which wasn't successful, in late 1960s am engineer and businessman Joseph Engleberger bought Devol's patent and modified it into an industrial robot after which he formed a company called UNIMATION whivb was used to produce and sell the robots.

Now that we have gotten the history of Robots, what exactly then is a robot?
A robot is basically a machine that has been programmed by a computer which has the ability to carry out seriies of complex task which are usually automatic.


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A robot can either be given a task to do by a control device that is external or a control that has been built inside the robot, they can be designed in human form or a task performing machine which is design with a specific function.

The aspect of technology that deals with the construction, design, operation and it's application with the their control and sensory feedback is known as ROBOTICS. Robots help in taking the place of humans in a dangerous environment or sometimes look like humans in appearance and behavior.

Robotic technologies has begun to see advancement each day and this has thus improve scientific discovery as robots are now being used to do numerous works in the science industry like test out treatment for diseases, new drugs they are also used to carry out surgeries and to create artificial organs for human and this means a good thing for scientific discovery.

Robots has reached a point which is known as artificial intelligence where they can actually carry out experiment on their own without assistance from humans and they have been trained to be able to solve problems.

As shown above the name of the robot is Adam which was invented in 2009 at the Aberystwyth University, it is a pseudo sentient robot, it was the first robot to discover scientific knowledge on it's own without human instructions.

It came up with an hypothesis as regards the genetic structure of the baking yeast, which he carried out a self designed experiment to test it's prediction in the hypothesis.

Adam then discovered new knowledge about yeast as regards the gene coding structure, the inventory of Adam was Prof. King Ross, who only assisted the robot in doing what it wasn't designed to do such as adding chemicals to the robot Yanks and removing waste from the experiment bay.

Adam was able to do thousands of experiment on the yeast simultaneously which lasted for about 5 days. It had a high level of multi tasking and recording that can't be done by human without mix up.


1 Humanoid Robots: this are robots that looks like human and also behave like they do, they do perform activities which human do like running, jumping etc which alot of them have been created.

2 Pre - programmed Robots : this robot operate with the use of a control where they do the task which they are invented for, they are useful in industries where they weld, insert parts and they are useful to make the work easier, faster and more efficient.

3 Autonomous Robot: this robot operates without human operation, they are designed to carry out task ok their own, they use sensors to perceive their environment and a inbuilt computer that makes them decide the next thing to do depending on their task, am example is a vacuum cleaner that moves round the house and clean up wherever is dirty and also doesn't collide with any thing in the house. Other examples are lawn trimming robots, drones wtc


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4 Augmented Robots: this robots simply enhances human capabilities or sometimes be a replacement for humans capability. This would ehnance science fiction into reality by making Humans faster and stronger if the technology gets better. Examples are the Prosthetic limbs, exoskeleton used for liftong heavy wights etc.

5 Teleoperated robots: this robots is connected to a wireless control system that enables humans to control them from a far and safe distance. This robots work under difficult situation for humans examples are the robot used to fix underwater pipe leaks etc.
From what we have discussed above, we have seen how robots work in scientific discovery and we have seen their advantages on Earth.

There are more robots currently used to aid scientific discovery. The robots can function in virtually any sector as long as they are designed to do so and they will be fine.
In conclusion, robots aren't here to take away the usefulness of human or space of human they have just come to make things easier and to make work more efficient, they aren't a threat to human but like a help mate to them.

Imagine wars without the use of human forces and just robots fights the war, it will reduce the loss of lives of our armies and forces, they might just need to interface when the war is getting out of hand.

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