Telecommunication signals has to do with two words which are Telecommunication and signals, let's break both words down to get a deeper view of the words.

Telecommunication is a compounded word, there are two words the Greek prefix Tele and Latin word Communicare, Tele means afar or something that is distant whike the Latin word Communicare means to share something. The first time the word was used was 1904 by a French engineer.

Telecommunication is therefore the passing of information through various means or technologies such as radio, optical, wire or the use of other electromagnetic system.

It was developed after observing of the human voice and wishing for it to be able to cover greater distance that the normal human voice and also to get there with ease and speed in view of this the postal mail was excluded from it.

The history of telecommunication started in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone which uses an interpreter known as a telegrapher at both ends, they were more like an intercom system where two phones are connected directly.

Then in 1877 there was an invention of the switchboard exchange telephone that allows any two phones to connect and talk with each other. Then in 1891 a quicker and easier way to make calls via telephone was created using a dial telephone, after that in 1947 the transistor was created which started the creation of modern technologies like computers and calculators.

In 1948 the use of microwave started to transmit phone signals in phones where there is no phone wire available. There was a transition in 1960 when phones moved from mechanical switching to electronic switching which brought about voice messaging, speed daila and caller ID.

I'm 1984 cellular and personal communication services came to play then in 1990 the use of modern internet started growing like wildfire and in the hear 2000 upward mobile phones then grew rapidly and by 2012 smartphone usage also became rampant.

Signals in Telecommunications?

Signals in telecommunication means modification or variation of voltages, currents or light levels over time that carries information. If the signals are abalaog the variation depends on some physical elements like light, sound, temperature, wind etc. The information can also be shared by digital signals which uses just two values such as digital zero and digital one.


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In summary telecommunication signalling is the use of signals to control communications. The rate at which data is transmitted is known as the bandwidth which is usually measured in bits per second, bandwidth falls into two categories which are the broadband or narrowband.

The telecommunication signals falls under the telecommunication infrastructure which are the protocol, hardware and software that supports telecommunication at large.


Broadband is the transmitting of data which are wide bandwidth over high speed internet connection, it is an internet connection with a speed of minimum of 25Mbps when downloading and 3 Mbps when uploading. They provide speed to internet access through multiple technology which includes wireless, cable, DSL, Satellite and fiver optics.


Narrowband is the sharing of data and telecommunications tools that uses a narrow band of frequencies in the channel used for communication. It uses a lesser number of frequency sets and usually known as flat. It uses a speed of less than 25mbps for download and 3mbps for uploads.

Some important facts about SIGNALS

1 Appropriate sampling of the analog signal can convert it to a digital signal

2 Unpredictable signals are random signals that can only be described by statistical means

3 noise is an example of a random signal

4 In order to ensure that all information are in a signal that is carried the sampling frequency have to be twice the maximum frequency.


1 It is used in sharing informations and connecting people together as it is regarded as the foundation for family, government, communities etc as it is said communication is very important in our everyday lives. It is used to satisfy our basic needs.

Telecommunication has made sending messages and talking to our relatives far away more easier by enabling us to send mails make phone calls, use the internet and also many other ways.

2 It is very useful for security of a country. It is one of the most important infrastructure needed for protection as there will always be communication between the terrorist or enemy of the country and they can only be gotten through telecommunication.

3 it helps in bringing more relationship between remote areas and the advanced areas, the communication in the remote areas were little.or not available at all but with Telecom it's easier for them to communicate with the city and order for their goods and services which will bring growth to the society

4 It helps in boosting the economy of the nation as it was said in a statistics that the global spend of Telecom is $520 billion annually which means it will help the growth and development om countries that invest in the sector.

5 Telecommunication helps to reduce unemployment in a nation as the sector employs alot of people per year as the sector has subsectors ranging from cable distribution, Telephony, satellite Telecom, wholesale Telecom resellers.

6 It encourages people to get education as it helps them have access to learning opportunities on the internet and also earning certificates that are recognized all.ober the world. It helps in doing research, read and watch videos about subjects.

It also help distance learning institute to conduct classes virtually and also helps the student from moving from one area to another which might not be cost efficient.

7 It helps transform the business world as they depend on Telecom to operate faster and efficiently and also to reach a larger audience in and outside their country.

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