Why do student find it difficult to understand their teachers teaching?


Teachers, even still in recent time, have been unable to relate well with their student and likewise have parents, on the other hand, complains about their ward not gaining anything substantial after the day's activities in school as a result of the fact that they could probably not understand their teacher's teaching skill.

Funny how this, for in fact, have become a matter of debate among societies. The inability of student understanding their teacher's teaching, whom to blame? However, it should be understood that it would be absolutely wrong if we lay all the blame on one leaving out the other.

Moreso, rather than issuing blames, it would be best to look into a couple of factors why students are unable to understand their teacher's teaching and finding possible solutions.

One of the reasons students are unable to understand their teacher's teaching is the due to a familiar common learning disability neurobiological in nature called 'Dyslexia.' Dyslexia are associated to factors that affects the brain development which occurs in children with normal vision and intelligence.

Though, the precise cause is not fully understood however, it isn't due to mental retardation, hearing problems, brain damage or lack of intelligence.

There are many treatment of dyslexia but there's no cure. Nevertheless, there are the symptoms of speech disorder, delayed reading ability, learning new words slowly, difficulty in memorizing and understanding that if figured it out early,can be managed with therapy involving a specialized educational programme and an individualized teaching intervention as well as rehabilitation for students with dyslexia.

This would help aid the learning ability of the students but also there's a need to identify the type of dyslexia in the child be it visual or auditory dyslexia, e.t.c.

On the teacher's part and even to other adults around such a student, it is necessary they are in their best attitude and loads of work should be broken down into chunks alongside frequent breaks for such students otherwise, if the problem remains unsettled, it might cause the child to become unmotivated to learn at all and even develop a dislike for school then, success is jeopardized.


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Depression is another major issue which is usually gotten from family issues. Subsequently, family issues have come as a big blow on children as well as teenagers and this could slow them down in their academics.

Most times, children who come from a 'not-well-to-do' anqd have had to be kicked out from school severally for delay in payment of fees get embarrassed and perhaps, ridiculed by their peers and get themselves rather occupied with their family financial issues rather than concentrating on what they are being taught.

They might overtime just get disinterested in school activities generally. Also, a possible family problem could be the issue of the family at the verge of breaking up. Truth be told, failure of a child to experience peace at home would result into the imbalance of every other aspect of the child's life.

Charity begins at home- it all begins at home. Therefore, where there are so many downs than there are ups in a home be it parent filing for a divorce, constant assault physically and even verbally or many others to mention, as long as the child doesn't experience peace at home, such mind would find it difficult to cope with all other issues and academics is not left out.

All these could affect the child's both emotion and mental health giving space for distraction in academics and so when the teacher teaches, they have their mind concentrated on their family issue rather than what the teacher teaches.

Furthermore, hatred for the subject itself rather best rephrased- lack of interest in line of study and the teacher is another factor to look at. If a child who is very much interested in arts is forced to do the sciences, less is expected of such student and in other words, would end up having a shallow or no understanding of what is being taught.

There are also cases where the child is in his actual line of study but there is a particular subject he's just not interested in because it seems difficult and would invariably put little or no effort in understanding.

Dislike in the teacher could cause a student not to be interested in the knowledge that's about to be impacted and by so, there's no understanding on the student's path.

Moreover, faults could come from the teacher too. When a teacher is incompetent in his job, inefficiency is bound. Some teachers however, due to less pay could bring in nonchalant attitude and do not teach efficaciously as expected.

They come to class unprepared and rather less prepared not having enough understanding of what would be taught makes delivery watery.

In addition, issue of peer influence and hunger could be a factor. Following the adage that say 'show me your friend and I'd tell you who you are' makes it evident that whomsoever a child walks with will one day or the other have an influence on that child be it negatively or positively.

Peer influence has lots to do academics of a child. We have people who have no future ambition, they lack direction and have no set goals but just attend school because in the sense of it, they're being forced to thus, moving with these set of people would get one distracted in class.

They are not ready to learn and following these kinds would automatically have one with a non chalant attitude towards learning.

In essence, lack of interest which could evolve from dyslexia if not properly attended to, family issues, hatred for subject, line of study generally or teacher, teacher's inefficiency, peer distraction and even hunger in the sense that, when lectures are unnecessarily extended or the students have been overstretched, hunger could set in and make learning uninteresting hence, understanding impossible with these distractions to deal with.

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A teacher's teaching methodology plays a major role for Effective learning. A teacher needs to know his or her students well order to devise the right method that can help for effective learning to take place. A very good post full of useful information, thank you very much @mandate