Evening Ride


I just finished a 29.862km cycling that lasted about 2hh:26mm:56ss !


I felt lazy about running the last couple of days because it's just too hot for me. And today, since I had a couple of letters to drop, I thought it was a good excuse for a bike ride. With the wind, the heat is a little bit more bearable. But what was supposed to be a short ride ended up almost 30 km, not too bad. The time reported by Exhaust (through the Strava sync) is the total time, but that includes an hour break at a friend's place on the way (hence the big difference with the moving time reported on the cover picture).

As usual, the ride was also a way to randomly discover new streets and pathways in the area. After so many years living here, I'm still surprised to find interesting places I don't know. However at the end, I just merged onto one of my favorite routes back, through the University campus. It was cool as there was a football game, with a lot of people around. I also saw plenty of wildlife, bunnies, raccoons and of course more deer than I can count.

So, overall, that's a good cross-training activity in this heat. But tomorrow, I really should try and go for a run, I cannot completely stop my training because I don't like the heat.

Till then, keep Exhausting!

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