My Balsamina in bloom [ENG-ESP]


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As I mentioned in a previous post, Weeds hidden beauty / Maleza belleza oculta I am an amateur photographer. I love macro photography as a technique. For me it is fascinating, a perennial discovery, it is to go beyond in details that my eyes are not able to detail. The process generates in me a whole investigation, it's like looking for a hidden treasure; I savor it like an exquisite sweet that you don't want it to end. Macro photography is magical, amazing and surprising.

Cómo lo mencioné en una publicación anterior Weeds hidden beauty / Maleza belleza oculta , soy una aficionada de la fotografía. Me agrada sobremanera la macrofotografía como técnica. Para mí es fascinante, un descubrir perenne, es ir más allá en detalles que mis ojos no son capaces de pormenorizar. El proceso genera en mí toda una investigación, es como buscar un tesoro escondido; lo saboreo como un dulce exquisito que no quieres que se termine. La macrofotografía, es mágica, asombrosa y sorprendente.


On this occasion I share with you, happy and enraptured; photo sessions made at various times to a new member of my garden. She became part of my floral beauties, of my big family. It arrived to our home as a december gift from a friend.

It arrived, very tiny with a short, flimsy stem and few leaves. Since its presence in our home, I pampered and spoiled it daily, faithfully following the suggestions received for its care and attention: enough humidity and away from direct sunlight.

Thus began our relationship of care and love. I did not change the original container, because I considered that this territory gave him security and confidence, because up to that moment it was the only thing that was his own. And so, little by little, we got to know each other.

In a short time, it began to reveal manifestations of satisfaction: new leaves emerged, the existing ones grew and revived their color. New stems appeared, its luxuriance was unquestionable.

As for me, always restless, impatient, expectant, I observed it day by day, waiting for the feast of its flowers. And yes, I was pleasantly surprised with the inaugural bloom. That is what I present today.

The photographs were taken over several days. It was quite a spectacle, a constant follow-up to each event. In a previous publication La Esperanza, Poema / Poem, The Hope, I used two photographs that were part of those sessions. In this opportunity I present you other photos, unpublished and original, not previously shared.


En esta ocasión les comparto, feliz y embelesada; sesiones fotográficas realizadas en distintos momentos a una nueva miembro de mi jardín. Pasó a formar parte de mis beldades florales, de mi gran familia. Arribó a nuestro hogar como un obsequio decembrino de una amiga.
Llegó, muy pequeñita con un tallo corto, endeble y pocas hojas. Desde su presencia en nuestro domicilio, la mimé y consentí a diario, siguiendo fielmente las sugerencias recibidas para su cuidado y atención: suficiente humedad y alejada de la luz directa del sol.
Así comenzó nuestra relación de cuidados y amor. No cambié el contenedor original, porque consideré que ese territorio le daba seguridad y confianza, porque hasta ese momento era lo único que le era propio. Y así, poco a poco, nos fuimos conociendo.
En poco tiempo, comenzó a revelar manifestaciones de satisfacción: emergieron nuevas hojas, las existentes crecieron y revivieron su color. Aparecieron nuevos tallos, su frondosidad fue incuestionable.
En cuanto amí, siempre inquieta, impaciente, expectante; la observaba día a día, esperando del agasajo de sus flores. Y sí, me sorprendió gratamente con la floración inaugural. Eso es lo que presento hoy.
Las fotografías fueron tomadas a lo largo de varios días. Fue todo un espectáculo, un seguimiento constante a cada evento. En una publicación anterior La Esperanza, Poema / Poem, The Hope, utilicé dos fotografías que formaron parte de esas sesiones. En esta oportunidad les presento otras fotos, inéditas y originales, no compartidas anteriormente.

balsamina cuatro.png

This graceful plant is taxonomically classified as Impatiens walleriana. I have made close-ups, for a better visualization of its characteristics and beauty.

It receives different colloquial names as joy, joy of home, parakeet, balsamina, chinese, china, bear ears, look at me nice, belem, boyfriends, chabela, guinea bethlehem; among others.

Esta agraciada planta es clasificada taxonómicamente como Impatiens walleriana. He realizado acercamientos, para una mejor visualización de sus características y belleza.
Recibe diferentes nombres coloquiales, se le conoce como: alegría, alegría del hogar, periquito, balsamina, chino, china, orejas de oso, miramelindo, belén, novios, chabela, belén de Guinea, entre otros.



balsamina 6.jpg

Technical SpecificationsDescription
Camera manufacturerBLU
Camera modelG8
Exposure time1/33s
ISO Speedvaries
Focal length4mm
Maximum aperture2
Flash modeNo flash
LocationGuárico, Venezuela
EditingPIXLR-Editor, free software. Free version

If you are fortunate enough to have a plant in your home, I share with you these links that will help you to consult and perhaps give you answers to your questions.

Si tienes la suerte de tener esta planta en tu casa, te comparto estos enlaces que te ayudarán a consultar y quizás te den respuestas a tus dudas.
Thank you for your visit, see you soon.

The watermark stamp of the photos was created in Canva.

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Gracias por su visita, hasta pronto.

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Thank you for sharing your passion for macrophotography. I haven't tried it, really, mainly because I don't have the right lends to do it properly. I certainly enjoy the macros I find on Hive though, so maybe one day I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing in the Creative Coin Discord.


Hi @cliffagreen nice to say hello to you. Thanks for being attentive to my posts. For always giving your opinion and visiting my posts. I must improve and get the necessary implements. Thanks for your suggestions, thanks to the foundation that has always been willing to give me support. Thank you.

I wish you a week of good health, productive and very good vibes.


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