Crypto Market on discount. What are you buying?


When the world expected a move upwards in the crypto market as is the usual practice towards the end of the year, the market plummets further causing BTC to fall to 16k+ after climbing over 17k just two days.


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Quite a turn of event for crypto and the general financial market has the year comes to a close with billions lost. This Dip is speculated to be largely resulting from the Binance FUD and the Fed increase in the interest rate.

Times like this is not what majority look forward to as it can be disheartening seeing your portfolio bleed. While it might look like a sad situation, the best thing will be to buy the dip. While black Friday might be over, there's a good opportunity to get your favorite crypto much cheaper.

Coin like Hive appear to be on a massive discount at $0.28 if we are to look at it one year time frame or previous high of $3+ this time last year. Dollar cost averaging and hodling is the best approach as it stands.

For those looking to be in crypto for the long haul, right now is a really great moment to accumulate as red color in this market is the right signal to load up. Buy low, sell high right? Don't be pessimistic. The bear might have lingered but the bull will surely return at some point.

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