Four days to the last LPUD for 2022


Since the LPUD kick off months ago, it's been an event that members of the LeoFinance community always look forward to. It happens every 15th of the month. With today been 11th it means the next one will be in about four days time.


I see the Leo Power Up Day as a great initiative by the community to help strengthen the community and it's token and in turn the value of the Leo ecosystem overtime.

There's lot of potential in the Leo token after seeing what the team and founder is doing to make it a lot term project with lot of possibilities. This year alone has seen so much development from the Leo mobile app, to LeoThreads, UI revamp and the yet to be launch of projectblank by Christmas.

So much to talk about here on LeoFinance. The participation for the month is expected to be much higher like every new month. Do well to gather to those Leo and be ready for the next challenge in four days time.

Lot of prizes and consolation to be won. Get your Leo ready and make good use of it and also end the last Leo Power Up Day of the year in style. See you there

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