Investing in Crypto for the future


What a year we experienced in crypto with prices tanking and several projects going bankrupt or liquidating. Despite all the shakings, my resolve and desire has been more intensified when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency.



With all that happened, it made me understand the concept better and how to invest wisely despite the number of cryptocurrency project we have out there. It's best to do due diligence and understand a project before putting your money into it. (This is what many fail to do)

The prolonged bear market has been a great experience in the learning process. After all has been set and done crypto still remain a great asset to invest in while looking at the technology behind it.

The year has been filled with lot of countries considering making statement about creating a central bank digital currency (CBDC) which indicates that in the near future, the world would be making use of a digital currency.

With the 2023 happening in few days time, I expect a better year. Would making better moves by Investing more into solid projects with better potential. As you keep planing for the new year, it would be wise to include crypto in your investment portfolio.

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