Is the Bear market officially over?


All eyes on Bitcoin and the Crypto market has it eventually broke past $16k a week ago and currently sitting at $21k in a awesome move to sends the Crypto market into some excitement after a prolonged bear Market.


Is Bitcoin out of the woods? I think it's too early to say. But for starters, it is a great start to the year with global crypto market moving close to a trillion dollar as it currently sit $990 billion Plus.

It is also nice to see the bear asleep for few days, if it is completely gone is what I can't say for now. It great to also get past the pre FTX point as that was the major reason for BTC going below $20k.

I believe if Bitcoin can sustain this move for a few weeks and probably get over $25k, we might really be out of the Bear market. Till then, it's a good and exciting to see some relieve especially for those that have been stacking some BTC and other crypto before now.

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