Market Bullish has global crypto market cap gets close to a trillion


Great January it has been so far for Bitcoin and majority of crypto tokens has they appear to be a somewhat of a bullish run. The global crypto market cap currently sit at $995.46B almost close to a trillion.


Bitcoin currently sits at $21,171 after moving from around $16k+ earlier this year. It has seen a 22.78% jump alone in the past 7days with shows a great sign for things to come in 2023.

Responsible for the bullish run can be traced to the lower CPI report and low rate of inflation amongst many other factors. Current price means the Crypto market is back to where it was the FTX hack and saga.

Second ranked crypto Ethereum sit $1,572 after a 19.91% jump in the past seven days, BNB at $305, XRP at $0.4 and our dear Hive at $0.37 which shows great sign. Is the Bitcoin and the market out of the woods? Only time can tell

Price still a long way from it's ATH but we can all but hope we get to such mark again sometime in the future. Then till then it's all about the excitement seeing our portfolio cancel out some losses and gradually increase in price

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