Taking advantage of the current market situation by buying the Dip


What a year 2022 has been for crypto and general financial market has prices of stocks and assets suffered greatly due to several reasons and situations causing traders and investors to experience some losses.



While the year might not be as favorable as we hoped, it a process to test our mentality and resolve when it comes to investing. It shows that buying into hype isn't the best way to go about investing.

While the bear might have lingered even unto now it shows we must have tough skin to survive in this market and learn patience. As it has been said many times, it's not rich quick scheme and we should learn to see the bigger picture.

If we intend to benefit from the current situation we must learn to buy the Dip and wait it out till the market recovers again. The bull run must happen again but we must be patient and continue accumulating till that season comes again.

The bear market doesn't last forever. We should learn to see the good side of it and maximize it. Buying the Dip through dollar cost averaging is your best bet if intend to come up smiling at the end of the day

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