Greetings everyone here and happy New month of August. In today's post, am simply looking at greed and contentment.

When we hear greed... A lot of things run through our minds. Greed could be caused by excessive desire, unsatisfaction. While the opposite of greed could simply be addressed as contentment. One way or the other we have failed to exercise contentment in our lives.

My crypto journey has taught me these two ways to 100% level. Last year I invested in a different ALTcoin. Some if not all gave me massive returns. I invested $600 and I had a total of $1500 total. I should have been content with that amount and at least made some profit.

But greed didn't let me, I was so interested in seeing it rise more and more. And guess what happened? Then,this year, during the bearish run,my wallet balance went back to something lower than what I even invested.

I found out I was investing selfishly,I wasn't satisfied with the profit I got at first . I didn't in any way apply wisdom and self discipline in my investment plan. Doing the right thing at the right time is what balances contentment.

Although there is always this force that comes with a bullish trend. When the market is bullish, investor's joy skyrocket and he leaves his sense of reasoning aside but when it is bearish, the sense comes back but at that point is already too late as it's always best to take profit when it's a bullish trend and plan to buy when it's bearish.

Regardless, my crypto sad story doesn't stop my investing more on visual assets, rather, it has widened my knowledge and understanding. Learning is continual, our experience grows when we never stop learning.