Day 1964: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: moon shadow


The Zuma village is known for a thick forest that has created a boundary wall in the village. Lean is a young girl who is adventurous and loves to explore the forest in the village.

Photo credit @mariannewest

One night, while roaming in the forest, Lean saw a shadow following the moonlight. She followed the shadow until they got to a secluded dark cave. Lean's guts encouraged her and she entered into the cave. She saw wild lives, while trying to make her way out from the cave, a wolf cited her and signaled the others.

She was able to run faster than the wolves and she rushed out of the cave. The moon shadow was illuminating the surroundings as Lean quickly picked up a stick and drew a big wolf and hid herself sighting from afar.

The wolves came out and saw a bigger drawn wolf. They forgot they were chasing Lean. She was happy that she was able to handle the situation maturely. She continued what she looks best, which is exploring.