How to INVEST Traffic Exchange Credits?

As I have already written HERE about the nice things can be done with Hungry For Hits money, I am going to tell you about the funds in your Coop Marketing Group)Account

Eight Dollar MIGHT be Peanust; it depends on how you use 'em.

'Coincidentally' I have a few dollars 'lying around in the CMG commission account. What do I do with it now? I move a bit to my PiggyBank because they add 30% to any Doller I transfer to my wallet


Because it 'looks better' I take US $ 1.5 instead (60 cents are already there anyway).!

With the Funds in your Coop Marketing Group (hereinafter referred to as CMG) Account, you can make quite similar things as described for the Hungry For Hits Funds.
Here we are bridling the 'horse' from the REAR. In the CMG there is the 'so-called display ad' on the homepage in the member's area.
This is a centrally positioned 250 * 250 pixel graphic.
THIS costs US $ 2.00 per day. That is (screaming funny) exactly the same amount as a Startpage at Hungry - so it IS relevant to point out the difference; it is as follows:
NO PEOPLE ACTIVELY clicks on a start page. Rather, it 'just happens' and usually does not interest anyone. On the other hand, you HAVE to actively click on the display ad AND don't even get a 'reward' (cash of one kind or another) for it.
As I have a small knack for Sundays I take the 30th.
NOW I add the Pic
...and have my Promo entered...

Can't wait to see if THAT works...