Matthias Klein

Insane #CTP #Nerd from Southern Germany
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Author reward: 3.235 CTP for matthiasklein/how-to-invest-traffic-exchange-credits
Author reward: 0.14 CTP for matthiasklein/is-there-money-in-traffic-exchanges
Author reward: 1.215 CTP for matthiasklein/ads-for-sfi-on-leadsleap
Author reward: 1.153 CTP for matthiasklein/double-credits-at-hungry-for-hits
Author reward: 2.234 CTP for matthiasklein/qs38d7
Author reward: 1.191 CTP for matthiasklein/i-finally-got-my-free-upgrade
Author reward: 1.92 CTP for matthiasklein/configure-presearch-as-default-search-engine-and-start-earning-for-address-bar-searches
Author reward: 0.44 CTP for matthiasklein/qmye7t
Author reward: 1.898 CTP for matthiasklein/every-te-surfer-needs-a-website
Author reward: 2.156 CTP for matthiasklein/my-amazing-cartoon
Received 0.036 CTP from he-indexrewards
Received 1024.5 CTP from elizabetamt
Received 3000 CTP from elizabetamt
Author reward: 1.367 CTP for matthiasklein/qhzjtv
Author reward: 5.791 CTP for matthiasklein/i-am-alive-challenge-ebook
Author reward: 5.942 CTP for matthiasklein/ebook-the-science-of-getting-rich
Author reward: 1.887 CTP for matthiasklein/no-more-excuses-ebook
Author reward: 1.757 CTP for matthiasklein/ebook-the-triple-plan-by-conversion-surf
Author reward: 1.822 CTP for matthiasklein/better-than-simple-textads-in-traffic-exchanges
Author reward: 0.902 CTP for matthiasklein/qgqyni
Author reward: 13.817 CTP for matthiasklein/the-blockchain-and-crypto-are-the-future
Author reward: 7.405 CTP for matthiasklein/qgpyxy
Author reward: 0.907 CTP for matthiasklein/qgpl60
Author reward: 10.857 CTP for matthiasklein/grow-your-list-with-traffic-exchanges
Author reward: 0.579 CTP for matthiasklein/qgowlp
Received 2000 CTP from djsl82 4th Prize Surfer Rewards
Author reward: 4.37 CTP for matthiasklein/qcucpw
Author reward: 1.215 CTP for matthiasklein/qcucku
Received 500 CTP from djsl82 June Promocode Winner for CryptoTraffic4u.com
Author reward: 0.597 CTP for matthiasklein/qc9x15
Author reward: 9.464 CTP for matthiasklein/hundrets-of-banner-impressions
Author reward: 0.774 CTP for matthiasklein/qbeg9m
Author reward: 15.183 CTP for matthiasklein/finally-hive
Received 50 CTP from djsl82 CryptoTraffic4u 1st Place Surf Reward
{ "account": "matthiasklein", "id": 55513896, "int_amount": 4134478, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1586872384000, "token": "CTP", "trx": null, "type": "liquid_airdrop", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 43.957 CTP for matthiasklein/yeah-the-listnerds-video-is-on
Author reward: 49.331 CTP for matthiasklein/listnerd-the-ctp-mailer-is-back
Author reward: 4.086 CTP for matthiasklein/q485y3
Author reward: 35.303 CTP for matthiasklein/sufing-marijuanahits-is
Author reward: 30.204 CTP for matthiasklein/toss-a-coin-to-your-witcher
Author reward: 3.142 CTP for matthiasklein/surfing-without-the-proper-music
Author reward: 14.655 CTP for matthiasklein/ebook-of-the-day
Author reward: 21.964 CTP for matthiasklein/hungry-for-hits
Author reward: 3.236 CTP for matthiasklein/7g41m4e2qk9
Author reward: 9.711 CTP for matthiasklein/christmas-gitfts-by-hit2hit
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Author reward: 38.506 CTP for matthiasklein/ebook-13-deadlytraffic-exchange-tragedies
Author reward: 18.015 CTP for matthiasklein/the-steem-price-went-up
Author reward: 0.023 CTP for matthiasklein/q2u15z
Author reward: 52.1 CTP for matthiasklein/free-ebook-four-easy-steps-to-your-own-list
Author reward: 16.788 CTP for matthiasklein/the-mother-of-an-downline-builder
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Author reward: 9.218 CTP for matthiasklein/setting-goals