Can't run blank with ProjectBlank

#Projectblank would be the best thing for me right now! Lately I've been up and about with on-boarding for my new job ,yay!!!! Thanks for the congratulations ☺️. I'm indeed the happiest of men to get my dream job as it is in line with my passion (CHESS). My onboarding process has been quite daunting but hey, I love chess, so it hardly feels like I'm going to be working. That explains why I've been unavailable lately to be as active as I used to here, and I miss it !
Now is a great time for #projectblank, especially for me. So far so good , it's been an awesome stint for me on the leofinance platform, I love my new job , but I fear it mightn't afford me the time to create content here and thus may begin my slow regression in this wonderful platform , this might only be salvaged with the emergence of the much anticipated #projectblank.
It's indeed commendable the hard work a lot of people put in to make this a possibility, lately I've been seeing on twitter new logos for "leofinance", polls have been ongoing, a lot of people are working hard to make this the best community ever ! Respect!!!!

I still am in keen anticipation of ProjectBlank!, My new schedule can still allow for me to come up here and snack up insightful, informative and witty contents,and I could also easily be up with less bulky content, better times!!!
Project blank is leofinance adjusting to my new work schedule, project blank is the best ! I'm so loving it ..
#let's have it !

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