Cryptocurrency and hive blockchain all about progress!


It's that time again! The bull is slowly taking a walk..set for another bull run ?Set for another all time high , are we ?
Too many questions, at this rate , Bitcoin at $100k flirts with reality, at least before the end of 2021..

Asides enjoying chess I fancy speculating and predicting the value of the bitcoin and other altcoins, I'm fascinated by the unusual patterns evident in these coins, but one thing remains quite a constant, it's quite rare for a coin(at least the bitcoin, hive and Wleo in this respect) to return to as low as its last 3 or 4 all time highs, and I can't say this for a fact , but it appears to be so, the bitcoin cannot stoop so low to ever be at $17k, the world must be crumbling!

When I joined the hive Blockchain, the value of hive was around $0.14 and it has since moved from there to different peaks, steadying with a dollar and now it remains close to a dollar at around $0.69, this spells out progress !

The crypto community is about the most progressive community I know so far so good, I mean I've experienced such positive growth in such short period, wleo has also increased in its value, steadying nicely with a dollar and should surpass the fiat in no time , how else do you spell progress?? One word Cryptocurrency

Sadly many still see it a some myth , some pyramid scheme or Ponzi, I frolicked around and about the idea of joining the cryptoworld having hive and leofinance as my entry point , how silly of me to have taken too long !

The cryptoworld is perhaps the most advanced, sophisticated yet simplistic atmosphere you can find yourself, well I'm talking about Hive and the leofinance platforms,which I'm slowly beginning to dub as synonyms to progress !
Everything about the blockchain is progressive, from the plankton to the whale 😄😄 , it is a safe space and a sane environment, unlike the regular social media, which these days most hive fellas use to shill hive vigorously, big ups to @nathanmars! For all he does on twitter! Man's not hot 💥, don't pull off your jacket, and keep doing the good work, it's 💯💯💯 all about progress ,more progress and a some more more progress... Enjoy Bitcoin at $60k and keep your appetites, more comes..
Cheers to y'all..
Stay progressive!

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