Leofinance more money more funds!


Whilst I vigorously await the launch of the leofinance #projectblank, I'm thrilled to patience by the awesome run of Wleo in recent times, it's worth taking a break from my job to write about!..

This by far , for me is the most productive community on the hive Blockchain, I mean , rep ipsa loquitur, (which I learnt from @nonsowrites' new recruit to the hive platform @blezyn). Evidently rooted in the recent projects of the leofinance team, from #Cubdefi and others, and somehow I believe this is only a start..
The leofinance team spells out the words productivity, apt leadership, visionary and revolutionary, and now I woke to wleo being above a dollar !!! Yes, they say these things are volatile, in truth, but there's this hunch , volatility or not, Leo and its variants know where they are headed, maybe not the moon, Pluto ?

Well this post is simply an appreciation to the leofinance team , I may not know names , but I see the work , from my scrolls here, I've picked the name #Khal, who , from what I hear is selflessly working on making leofinance(rs) stupid rich , what a guy !

In the spirit of the anticipated #projectblank I shall leave this post as it is here, not with the regular word count.
Kudos to the wonderful team @leofinance, it feels good to be a part of something bigger than oneself..

Cheers to the Leo future!!!

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