Splinterlands - My Season Ending Rewards


The following data is from
https://kiokizz.github.io/Splinterlands/seasonReportCard and specifically to my account @mawit07.

For season 60 the ending was similar to my many other seasons. I ended finishing in Gold II and had some of the following season ending rewards.


Not many good cards but 11 cards in all with the highest being a rare. Not much of a burn rate in total of all the cards, at a meager 100ish DEC burn rate. In addition to cards these are the potions and DEC I earned at end of season.


Not a lot of DEC but still adds up when combing it all together.

Match Report - Season 60


Stat #
Gold Rank 2199
Rating 2404 - Gold II
Rating High 2502
Ratio (Win/Loss) 1.05 (213/203)

Rewards Report
Standard Foil Cards
Rarity Quantiy 🔥DEC🔥
Common 31 155
Rare 8 160
Epic 2 200
Legendary 0 0
Total Standard 41 515
Gold Foil Cards
Rarity Quantiy 🔥DEC🔥
Common 0 0
Rare 0 0
Epic 0 0
Legendary 0 0
Total Gold 0 0
Loot Chests
Reward Chests Dailies Season Total 💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions 5 4 9 360
Alchemy Potions 7 1 8 400
DEC 125 160 - 285
CREDITS 0 0 - 0
UNTAMED Packs 0 0 0 0
Cards (Total) 30 11 41 515
Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)
Ranked Play Wins DEC Earned
213 5938
Total Ranked Play Rewards
Total Ranked Play Earnings
7498 DEC

Rental Report
Type DEC (fees)
Revenue 70060.179 (3506.858)
Expenses (0.000)
Cancellation Refunds 0.000
NET 66553.321

The key parts I take away from these numbers is my overall in game playing has earned me a little under 7.5k DEC. At the rate I am playing Splinterlands versus renting out my cards to earn a passive income it appears the latter has been a great place to earn more. In two weeks I am likely getting close to 35k DEC for renting cards. As I can see from the results I am earning close to 35k DEC a weeek. Still I prefer to play the game over earning income through rental of cards.

I end it on a positive note. My account registered more wins than losses for the end of season. A far cry from where it was just a couple of weeks ago. With a win to loss ratio of 1.05 I am eager to continue playing and hoping to bring more wins to come.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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Great result. I have also recently started playing Splinterlands and so far ranks above bronze are not available to me. Only for some reason I didn't get any awards at all or I don't know how to get them. Although I finished at the rank of Bronze 3 and kind of had to get chests.




My mind is blown 35k DEC a week in passive income! that's nice!!