Splinterlands - My View Of The New Focus Quest and Rewards


Its been over a week since the rewards and daily quests have been revised. I have not played as much as I would like with the new revisions but on the first past I have my reservations.

Merits As Rewards

Prior to earning Merits in reward chests the only way to earning Merits is through guild brawls. This limited a lot of players having the opportunity to accumulate Merits and in turn purchase Gladius cases which are equivalent to Gladius cards.

I think introducing Merits to reward chests help extend the reward cards distribution and also limiting the $ rewarded to active players. This also benefits players who are not in a guild but play in higher leagues to earn enough Merit on their own to buy Gladius cases.

As a drawback the Merits awarded are limited toward the cards players can pull for DEC burn rate. This has lead to most drop in values per a chest in every league. The most discrepancy based on Splintercards.com data is between Diamond and Champion.

As I am playing in Gold I, I will focus on my potential daily quest rewards. It turns out that 8 chests, which is my daily average yield, equates to around $0.525 of assets yield. Of course this is just an approximation of value and we all know it is likely that the cards will appreciate in value over time. What I just noticed when I took the snapshot is that the loot reward estimate has yet to update with Merit as a potential reward. This in turn will mean with Merits we will be earning even less in daily rewards.

Daily Focus

With over a week of playing the revisions I have encounter different ability based daily focuses. Splinterlands has the full list of potential daily focus List Here.

I have yet to find a difficult focus to complete but have only been getting to at most 10 reward chests a day. This comes at a time where I am still adjusting to playing wild format in lieu of modern. In any case the opportunities to grab wins are few and far. On the flip side one win earns me enough focus points to most likely move up a level in earning more rewards.


The comprehensive info from Splinterlands directly helped guide me through the new focus quests. Meanwhile the game itself has also got a face lift in graphic user interface and new rules like playing in modern versus wild. In addition the new reward cards being introduced and another Chaos new legendary air drop happen in just the past couple of weeks.

All in all I have no major complaints on the new focus rewards and daily quests. I look forward to continue playing and earning more.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!


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The format is tough for me and I really need to upgrade my chaos legion deck more. However, I do agree with the merits. It's a nice change and it's a bonus for anyone in a guild.

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