Actions needed in my local area

The action needed is my local area I will like to discuss is my environment which is dirty and always filled with dirts that is not healthy to the body instead can be harmful.


We did some clean up to reduce this because we can't take it anymore because the area is polluted with bad smell and It's not good to the Health

It even get worse whenever it rains because there no way the water can pass through since there is no drainage for it to pass to have a neat environment.

Actions needed to stop this mess

We need government intervention to help us enhance the area by doing a drainage for the water to pass through whenever it rains, so that it won't block the passage of where pedestrian can pass.

waste bin

This is something we can afford to do because our people are use to dropping leakage in the floor which is not appropriate and I believe with this it will help prevent the drop of waste product on the floor.

There should be a law

I believe with this idea too it will help the people or stop them from dropping refuse on the floor so once they know there's a law abided to it they will take caution.