An undertaking is a process that consists of many stages and all of them are important for its proper functioning.

To speak of an entrepreneur is to speak of a person with creative ideas, with a vision of the future and someone who sees a business opportunity where others do not, but, although some people meet all those characteristics, many times the lack of experience can play in against and, despite the desire to undertake and succeed, the business can go bankrupt.

In Venezuela approximately 1,500,000 businesses are generated per year, although the vast majority do not exceed three years of existence.

This is a trend shown by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM, for its acronym in English (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor).


We Venezuelans have great motivation and drive to undertake, but the companies that are created do not have great growth potential, being considered as micro companies and their duration is a maximum of one or two years at the most.

Surely one of the causes for this failure could be attributed to the fact that they are not very innovative and that most of these ventures do practically the same as others.

The short time that ventures are usually maintained in Venezuela are due both to its macroeconomic structure, as well as to the lack of adequate training to undertake.

It is to clarify and take into account that the fact of having a university degree does not imply that the person is ready to start their own business, there are cases where people without any academic preparation have carried out ventures that become a total success and they are maintained over the years.

It is recommended that entrepreneurs seek help and train properly, and then test the business idea and adjust it little by little if necessary.

Perhaps another mistake and perhaps the most frequent and delicate is that many of the entrepreneurs start without even thinking about their business model, just by a simple impulse and start their venture without trying their product or service, investing a large amount of money that after failing it is lost.


What are the most common mistakes present in a business and how to solve them?


1. Lack of experience in the sector: it may seem obvious, but the person may not have enough time to carry out a complete study, which can result in not being able to keep up with the pace demanded by a new venture.

2.-Lack of constant measurement: it is nothing more than knowing if a business is profitable and what is not.

The ideal way to achieve this is to look for different tools that allow you to know how the business is working in all aspects. The participation of expert professionals who are constantly in charge of making these measurements and measuring certain indicators is essential.

3.-There is no business plan: In order for your venture to develop, it is necessary to know what the key points of the project are and the sector in which it will operate.

So we must study the market, analyze the prices of the competition, profitability, costs, investment and form of financing that best suits our needs.

4- Another mistake we make
is not putting the customer first, instead we seek that the product pleases us without thinking about the customer's needs, and to achieve this we must listen to him to understand what he is looking for and in this way put his needs first, already What are your requirements will be what gives us the basis that will drive our venture.

To conclude, we can say undertaking is not easy at all, but it is possible. The key is to consider a series of factors and risks, you must identify the public that will be the object of the undertaking and once this is done, it will help you validate your product or service.

Another factor that we must bear in mind is to measure how far we are advancing or retreating in our business, and finally, we must be informed about the way in which the industry we are targeting and in which we want to enter is developing.