How some employers lack a proof of brain


Hi guys! I want to share with you some recent work experience that twisted my brain in one way or another.

Although I am involved in many projects in different research areas, this one was something quite particular.

The work seemed very easy at the beginning. It was related to making a script in your native language that needed a lot of phrases to be tested on certain topics.

What I had to do was to generate daily around 1200 phrases in what had to be a spoken language on the selected topics. In one week you had to do no less than 8000 phrases.

I thought it would be easy considering I use my natural language and I am quite a creative person and this kind of work doesn't imply too much thinking as compared with others I usually have.

Finally, it proved out that the employers' goal was very unreasonable. All the people had to give up on it after 3 days or less. It was a task for robots that wasn't even paid as it should have been.

My eyes felt dizzy after the first day of writing 1000 phrases without having the time to do almost anything in between.

So, my phrases decreased daily to the point I give up. I don't know what those people have in their heads when they just need these kinds of tasks without considering the appropriate parameters.

I wasn't aware of the unreasonable task because I didn't perform on it to make myself a clear idea about it. However, I didn't expect (and my mistake for this) that some people can go far behind the reasonable (and in a bad way, unfortunately) and didn't cancel it all from the beginning.

But those who hire and see people can't comply with their demands, don't they get the idea that something is wrong somewhere?

So, I guess the moral is:

Expect nothing but the best. And if it is not the best, screw it from the beginning.