What Are The 3 Types of Traffic?


The Traffic You Buy

The benefits of an online business are pretty clear to most people, even those that do not want an online business. We won't really into all of that in this article. Regardless of what type of online business, products, services, message, etc. This remains true for all businesses online and off, your business needs a steady flow of...


Traffic is the life's blood of your business. Most may answer loudly that sales, and income is what a business needs. Without an ample supply of traffic, sales and income will never happen.

This brings us to our first form of traffic the traffic that you buy. Being a child of the 70s and 80s I was brought up in a world of physical traffic. Buying traffic involved hosting large events at your business with a celebrity present. If you had the funds Television advertising.

Today some online companies still use television advertising. This is Q4 so you will start to notice a lot of eBay and Amazon advertising. The are purchasing traffic from the channels on TV. Most of use don't have that in the budget.

Online advertising is simple let us take a busy site like Click, Track, Profit. Purchasing a small ad on one of their webpages is a great example of buying traffic from their site. If you are already probably purchasing traffic right now with out realizing it. Do you have a paid membership to a Traffic Exchange or Safelist? If yes you are purchasing traffic from those sights.

More we think about buying Facebook or Instagram ads as a form of purchased traffic and that is true. The truth is there are many different ways to purchase traffic online. What ever you do, don't jump into buying traffic until you have a better understanding of your business, and the audience that needs it.

The Traffic You Borrow

That sounds weird how do you borrow traffic? Ever make a social media post? Then you have borrowed traffic. Social media sites generate massive amounts of traffic. They are experts at keeping their traffic on their sites.

Making a social media post, engaging on social media, using messengers, all of this is considered borrowed traffic. Facebook is a good example. Their site is privately owned which means they can do whatever they want with their site and all of your posts, and media that you have on their, thet is also theirs to do what ever with.

I have a lot of friends on Facebook, that are utilizing Facebook as a means to promote their business and make money. We have all seen Facebook Groups with 1,000s of members that buy the swag and other products the group offers.

What if Facebook just shut down? What you do for traffic? How would you promote your business? This leads us to the third type of traffic.

The Traffic You Own

This is the sweet spot. The traffic you own is yours to do with as you wish. No onw can take this traffic from you by shutting down their site. If Facebook, Instagram, YouTube deletes your account, or shut down, there is nothing you can do.

For example I bought a lot of DVDs and Blue Rays to resell on ebay. They shut me down, told me I was not approved to sell this type of product on their site. I spent $1,200 on my lawyer just for him to tell me their is nothing I can. When I post on eBay it is their right to do what ever they want. My lawyer also told me not to rely 100% on eBay because in the user agreement they can delete my account without explanation. There is no legal recourse.

If you own your own site, this is the traffic you own. Hopefully you have your audience signed up to your site for a nice little gift. This is your own list of subscribers that you can message when you need to. If you do a bit of research online, you will find the highest percentage of closed sales are those from a subscriber list.

No one wants to receive offer after offer. If you treat your subscribers like people and you share yourself with them all the while really getting to know them and their journey, you will be very successful. Click Track Profit @ctptalk #ctpcontent principle of a 80% pull (you get to know them they get to know you), and a 20% push (you making offers)

Regardless of which type of traffic you decide to focus on, one thing remains true. Getting people to know, like and trust you, by giving value will always be a lot more profitable than trying to take a telemarketers process of playing the numbers.

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