I am under the ground, everyone else is above the ground!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.
I hope you are all well. I am also good Alhamdulillah. Today's story is about what your relatives and friends will do when you die. Please everyone read today's post with mind.

Suddenly one day everything will be silent. Sympathize with pictures or screenshots of the last message. However, it is only a matter of time, how long do you remember, if not more than a week. Everyone will be busy with their actions. Who knows, I was all over the place of friends. Someone else will come and fill it. People who want to know how I am can't be found. No one will be surprised to know how I suddenly left. No one will have any doubts. My absence doesn't matter to anyone. After a few days it will become normal, sometimes you will suffer, but again you will forget. Dad will not have time to think. Mom to watch younger brother. The younger brother will be busy with studies, will make new friends. Where is his time to think. Friends will have to keep a busy family with a job and will not feel like a new rush. People in love are very happy on the first day, but if they hear the name of the distant, they will tell you that they had known him before. Relatives will think once a year, even if my father arranges something for me. Otherwise they will forget. One day we will have to forget. The mike of the mosque will say the name nicely, then within 12 hours I will be under the ground, everyone else will be on the ground!
Everyone will bury my grave to say goodbye.

What we learned from today's story:

So think about it and see what kind of ground we are bragging about. If Ruhuta comes out of our body now, in a short while there will be Chiruthai and Muslim Kiss so arrogant at the bottom of the earth. Let's all leave the illusion of this world and do something for the Hereafter. We want to do something in the society so that the people of the society will remember us forever even after we leave.