My favorite food is Kulipitha

Hello friends,

How are you all? I hope you are well and healthy. Alhamdulillah, I am also well and healthy.
This coolie pitha is very popular in Bangladesh during winter. This pitha is very tasty to eat and delicious food. I am very good at making this pitha. I was learning to make pitha from my mother.


The ingredients for making this cake

1 / sugar
2 / Salt
3 / honey
4 / Oil
5 / Coconut
6 / rice flour
With just these six ingredients you can make this beautiful cake at home.

The first steps



To make this cake, first you have to heat the water nicely and put the rice flour inside the pan and yeast the dough just like I make my bread.

The second step



Crush the coconut then stir inside a pan for two to three minutes then add sugar and honey. Stir again for a while. Stir until the coconut turns red so that the coconut does not stick to the bottom. Or it doesn't stick.

The third step



Friends, what we have to do now is to make the yeast thin like bread, then take enough coconut in hand and then wrap it around the face so that the coconut does not come out.

The fourth step



Friends, now you have to take an empty pan, then you have to add enough oil, soybean oil or mustard oil that you want to eat. You can use whatever oil you want to eat. Will be appropriate.

So friends, you can easily make a cake at home if you want. You can easily make a cake by following this article. Thank you very much for showing me this blog. Everyone will be fine and healthy. I always hope that God will bless us.