History of England meets Italy from year to year

What's up for all of you football fans, I hope you are doing well because soon we will see the match we have been waiting for since the semifinals yesterday.

Soon we will see together the heroes of the British squad who will sing their national anthem with a very deep sense of love. The match which took place at Wembley stadium, London, will be the 28th meeting for the two teams. Of the previous 27 matches, Italy won 10 times, England won 8 times, and 9 matches ended in draws.


because I know that you as a football lover know that England has made history in entering the first final, so that's why England are ready to break into the Italian defender.

Here is the history of the Italy vs England meeting which I summarize in detail and wisely.


Euro 2012 England vs Italy 0-0 but unfortunately Italy managed to beat England in a penalty shootout ending 2-4.
In 1980 they also competed but this did not go to a penalty shootout because the Italian player number 79 Marco Tardelli managed to score a 1-0 goal with England having to go home.


You must know that the World Cup is in a hurry but unfortunately in 2014 Italy won 2-1 which resulted in England having to go home first. In 1990 Italy met again with England with a 2-1 score.


In the 1997 World Cup qualifiers it turned out that England vs Italy, England managed to maintain its score with a score of 0-0. But unfortunately on 12-02-1997 England was defeated again by an Italian team with a score of 0-1.

On 16-11-1977 England again competed with Italy which was won by the British team with a score of 2-0. 17-11-1976 But italy managed to reclaim the score from England, namely 2-0 which was scored by Giancarlo Antognoni 36 and Roberto Bettega 77.


It turns out that they have also met in a friendly match in 2018 England and Italy, here they are 1-1 which was scored by Jamie Vardy 26 and Lorenzo Insigne 87. 2015 England vs Italy Also managed to score 1-1, my friends.

In 2012, England won 2-1 from Italy.
But unfortunately 2002 England vs Italy, England had to go home with a score of 1-2. On 15-11-2000 England lost again to Italy 1-0 which was scored by Gennaro Gattuso 58.

In 1995 England in fact won 2-0 from Italy 2-0 which was scored by Ian Wright 26 and Paul Scholes 43. 1989 England vs Italy managed to maintain the score 0-0.

In 1985 England lost again to Italy 1-2. 28-05-1976 England managed to bring victory against Italy with a score of 3-2. In 1973 England lost against Italy with a score of 0-1.

Date 14-06-1973 Italy vs England, Here England also lost with a score of 0-2. England won against Italy in 1961 with a score of 3-2. Here in 1959 England vs Italy with a 2-2 ending it turned out to be friends. In 1952 Italy vs England with the score 1-1, which was scored by Amedeo Amadei 58 along with Ivor Broadis 4.

England in 1949 managed to score 2-0 from Italy, it didn't end there, in 1948 England also won against Italy with a 4-0 score.

Date 13-05-1939 Italy vs England ended with 2-2. England had struggled to beat Italy in 1934, with a score of 3-2. In 1933 England managed to survive against Italy, with the score 1-1
which was scored by Giovanni Ferrari4 and Clifford Bastin 24.


That's the history of England and Italy, here we can see that losing is not we have to back down but we have to rise to make new successes.


Is this time England will bring luck to create a Euro2020 Cup victory. Surely you answered yes, I hope so. We'll just watch together later, friends at Wembley Stadium, whether England will create cup history 2020.

That's a little info from me, greetings sports lovers...


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Honestly, today's match was a marvel, I really liked to see how Italy then evened things up and was able to defend very well against the English in extra time and later beat them in the penalty shootout, totally incredible was this match between Italy and England.


Yes, I can feel it all and I'm sure England will come back next time